Acupuncture and perimenopause?


Has anyone here tried acupuncture for relief of peri symptoms such as muscle achiness, sleep loss, brain fog and midsection thickening?  If so, is there anything to look for in an acupuncture provider?


Acupuncture is great for sleep problems, acute and chronic pain, and emotional wellness. Am MD acupuncturist is probably best case scenario for a provider, but there are plenty of non MD acupuncturists with plenty of clinical knowledge who I would trust for my treatments. Some acupuncturists specialize in women’s health and other areas. Read reviews, meet the clinicians, see the space (it’s important to feel safe and comfortable). The intake process is important so be honest with yourself and the provider. It’s an amazing wellness tool but often the treatment can last as long as the problem so there are some immediate effects but often it takes a few sessions to see differences long term. I used to be a non-believer but changing my diet and getting regular arricular (ear) acupuncture has changed my sleep habits and chronic pain SO much. Good luck!