AGING: What’s keeping you up at night? We’re all ears!

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Hi AthletaWell community! We’re so excited to introduce you to our friends at Frame! 


Frame is a mental health platform on a mission to make therapy and connecting with therapists more approachable and accessible. Frame is sparking conversations around AGING with therapist Rachel Ruiz, and they are sharing this content exclusively for YOU here on AthletaWell.  


We're all ears—when it comes to AGING, what topics do you want to learn about most as aging pertains to MIND, BODY, and PURPOSE? Tell us in the comments below which of the topics interest you the most, or suggest your own! 


MIND – What's keeping you up at night? 

  • Memories from the past 
  • Negative thoughts about aging  
  • Decisions about how to spend my time now 

BODY – What's changing? 

  • Physical signs of aging or chronic pain 
  • Changes in energy 
  • Sex, romance, and dating in 50s and 60s 

PURPOSE – What is my relationship to myself and others? 

  • Asking for help with daily needs 
  • Evolving friendships 
  • Caring for older and younger generations 
  • Relevance and legacy 

We're looking forward to diving into these conversations with you here on AthletaWell.


Been going through body changes for sometime now. I read pre menopause symptoms can last a while. I think I am coping ok although Night sweats keep me up at night, vivid dreams and hot flashes and is usually my head reliving whatever happened through the day just to mention a few. I started journaling again to help me make some sense of feelings and thoughts in my head. I am just happy to find you and know that I am not alone … cant wait to read, share and learn from all of you


I have found recently since giving birth that I have more anxiety at night of things to do. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I have all day to myself but the list keeps me up! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

we're so glad you're here in AthletaWell @Skmnp thanks so much for sharing with us! we're looking forward to having these conversations with you soon

Community Manager
Community Manager

thanks so much for joining us here in AthletaWell @Pinkskies you are definitely not alone! we look forward to having you join us for these conversations soon!


I sleep pretty well, but hot flashes from menopause do keep me up sometimes. I usually sleep with a portable fan pointed at me on my nightstand.

When I begin to feel the night sweats coming on, I flip my pillow over to the cooler side and it feels refreshing and balances my body temp.