Well-Being Week
THIS WEEK - Take five days to reflect, reground, and recenter. From workshops to workouts, grounding exercises to giveaways, this is your week to tune in.

Activity in Well-Being Week

After five days of reflecting, regrounding, and recentering, Well-Being Week is officially coming to a close. This week, we had daily on-demand videos with a chance to win a special prize. With over 300 entries, we cannot thank the Community enough f... 

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I'd love to learn how to keep motivated. My activity levels wax and wane, and as I get older I worry that will lead to injuries. 

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Welcome to the Well-Being Week Space. Starting Monday 1/10, we are dedicating five days to reflect, reground, and recenter. We have a jam-packed week, but our amazing Guides are here to lead the way. @Margeaux_H @Dani_P @Chris_F and @Sarah_E have som... 

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So is anything happening today, Fri 1/14? So sorry I missed the live events during this crazy week. So wish recording were available for later viewing during the wellness week. 

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I love these moments of pause. Reflection and regrouping are vital for personal reinvigoration. Thank you 

So glad you're enjoying those times of reflection @barbi! I hope you continue to enjoy Well-Being Week and have more moments to yourself  

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Join AthletaWell Guides Sarah Ezrin and Chris Freytag HERE in creating space with TWO on-demand workouts. Both workout options have one goal: create physical space with your body to create space in your mind. Today you get to choose how you want to m... 

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I chose the strength training workout and it felt empowering - I'm not super consistent about doing strength training workouts but it always feels very rewarding when I remember to do them! 

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Join AthletaWell guide, Dani Parker, HERE for a 12-min mindful movement practice designed to help you release what's not yours to hold and find space to ground back into you. Through low-impact sculpting, cathartic cardio release, and mindful pauses,... 

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I'm releasing the stress of teaching and things changing by the second! And having kids quarantined on a moments notice, but then being expected to catch back up in a jiffy. 

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Welcome to Well-Being Week! We’re thrilled to take five days of reflection along this well-being journey, together. This week, AthletaWell Guides will lead you through a progression toward balance and center, beginning from a seat of awareness, movin... 

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I used this to relax before bedtime post-surgery. It helped to quiet the worry monster in my head a little. Thank you! 

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I am so sad that I just saw this email today. I work full time and am a caregiver for my elderly mother. I just turned 56 and I am feeling a little stuck and stressed and would like to take time to be more mindful and to do stressing. 

Hey @Divvagal19, I'm so sorry you have these feelings of being stuck, but I commend the work you do as a caregiver. This week is awesome because it comes with on-demand videos that you can watch anytime! You can find them at the top of the page here.... 

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RECORDING COMING SOON—Time to Ground: Yoga Flow & Intention Setting Class
Did you miss the Time to Ground Event with Body Positivity Guide Margeaux and Mindful Movement Guide Dani? Or want to watch it again? Watch out for the recording to drop so you can tap into your foundation, move with intention, and re-center yourself for the year ahead.


Welcome to the Well-Being Week Space

Starting Monday 1/10, we are taking the next five days to reground ourselves.

Our AthletaWell Guides created daily videos to help you reconnect with yourself for the New Year.

Come back to the Well-Being Week Space each day for your daily dose of reflection. Start or jump into conversations on wellness, watch the videos from our Guides, and connect with fellow AthletaWell members.

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