Well-Being Week Day 3: CREATE SPACE with two on demand workout options

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Join AthletaWell Guides Sarah Ezrin and Chris Freytag HERE in creating space with TWO on-demand workouts. Both workout options have one goal: create physical space with your body to create space in your mind.


IMG_4695.jpg   sarah take up space.jpg


Today you get to choose how you want to move. Between feeling open beyond your limits, or finding strength in balancing your body, you can't go wrong.


Sarah creates space through an expansive yoga flow designed to open both your body and mind. Chris pushes through a full-body strength training to activate all major muscle groups, finding strength in balancing your body. Both allow you to move freely in your journey.


After watching the recorded workout of your choice, share with the AthletaWell community how did it feel to move your body. Which recorded workout did you choose? Or maybe you did both! How did it feel to open your body and move freely? Did you feel energized or empowered afterwards?

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