Walk It Out
Join us for a daily walking challenge to reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature. We have curated, expert-led audio walking sessions to make your strolls a true moment of self-care.

Activity in Walk It Out

The challenge is halfway over and we hope you’re feeling empowered and strong! Here’s a quick recap of Walk It Out so far: Day 1: Power Walking with Chris Day 2: Observing Nature Day 3 (Today): Guided Meditation with Margeaux Whether you’ve been with... 

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Loving it even more now that the extra layers can come off. Going around a corner and seeing the wild geraniums puts a skip into my steps. 

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Is there a challenge  sheet for week 2? 

Hi!! The Walk It Out Series is a 5-day challenge. I'd recommend doing the series over or re-listening to your favorite days @lam_9801  

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We hope today you're feeling grounded and centered after listing to New! 10-min Guided Walking Meditationwith @Margeaux_H. It was such a lovely walking meditation and we are feeling GREAT walking the rest of this week. As we walk outside, one of the ... 

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I live in New York City, so there definitely is a lot of trash throughout my walk. Actually being mindful & aware of it makes me feel a sense of responsibility to Mother Earth, to at least do my part to help & to tread lightly. 

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Welcome to the second day of the Walk It Out Challenge! How was yesterday's New! 15-min Audio Power Walking with @Chris_F? We had such a nice time and can't wait to walk the rest of this week! Today, we want you to take your walk outside and simply j... 

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In the past I walked with earbuds but since the start of COVID I have been practicing mindfulness so have take regular walks earbud free and it has been wonderful. I notice more things in my neighborhood. Today I enjoyed the amazing colors of spring ... 

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Thank you for this new challenge. I enjoy walking and enjoy observing nature around me, the sights, smells, sounds... I like walking by a patch of roses, jasmine and lemon trees. The sight, and fragrance is so beautiful! 

I am loving the feedback on this as well. I’m so happy you found this challenge as empowering and accessible as we hoped! 

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Let's Walk!
Kick off the Walk It Out Challenge with support from our Guides. Download the Daily Challenge Tracker and follow along below to stay on top of each daily resource drop!

Day 1:
Listen to 15-min Audio Power Walking
with Chris F.

Day 2:
Read Observe Nature Convo

Day 3:
Listen to 10-min Guided Walking Meditation
with Margeaux H.

Day 4:
Read Pick Up Trash Convo

Day 5:
Listen to 15-min Audio Walking Mini Podcast
with Heather C.

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