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Thriving Through Motherhood Conversations


Hello. I wfh and take care of my family. It can be hard to maintain high energy. I drink coffee in the morning and will eat candy during the day when I'm feeling tired. Hoping this group has ways they keep their energy up all day long 

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Hi Mamas, I’ve created a very specific exercise technique to fix the problems that come with pregnancy and childbirth. For a long time my pelvic floor leaked urine (which got auto-corrected to iTunes which made me giggle!) and my abdominal wall and s... 

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It’s been a summer of missing my me-time, being surrounded by all the house chores, and children begging to play with mom; add scrolling social media and seeing everyone else have it together. Some days I just feel defeated. So a daily mantra of tell... 

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I recently joined a webinar about balancing well-being and work and the speaker mentioned that if you take a 1- to 15-min break every 90-120 mins, you'll actually work better! And feel better! I'm looking for the science behind it, but the speaker at... 

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