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Our Group is Getting a NEW NAME!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We have exciting news…we’re getting a new name!! The Doing It All, Better group was always intended to support members on their motherhood journey with tips for everything from balance to multitasking and self-care. And while that’s not changing, we are getting a name upgrade to reflect this group’s focus.  


This group is getting MORE motherhood resources, even MORE advice from fellow mamas, and even some hellos from VIPs 🤯 


Which name do you think our group is changing to? Take a guess in the comments below ⬇️ 

  1. Doing It All Through Motherhood 
  2. Thriving Through Motherhood 
  3. Mom. Life. Balance. 

Not interested in motherhood support and looking for tips and conversations on balance and self-care that do not focus on parenting and support for Mom? No problem! We recommend the groups below, where those resources and conversations will live moving forward: