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New mom

hi guys ! I am newly a mom, and honestly I’m kind of scared. I’m 22 and still finishing up my degree , and I’m unsure of if the dad will be fully in the picture yet . I have so much love for this baby already but I also feel like there’s so much I should be doing that I don’t even know of. Does anyone have any good new mom /first time mom resources or advice . Appreciate it (:

congratulations. Just use your common sense and enjoy. Women have been doing this for years. I was 18 when I had my first in 1978. I didn’t have any support and just took it one day at a time. Accept all help that is offered and make sure you have a stroller so you can get out. I used to take my  granddaughter out for a 3 mile run every morning for the first three years of her life, dropped her off at daycare, and ran home for a shower before work. You can do this.

congrats to you!! This is an exciting time in your life! I am a foster mom of teenagers (no biological kids of my own), so while we are different in our kids’ age groups, we are still moms in need of support. When I started out 10 months ago as a new foster mom, one of the best pieces of advice I got was to find a support group (whether near you or virtual) that supports you and that you can also support. Support group has helped me stay sane and feel heard, which is so important to moms in all stages of their parenting journey. You’re so much stronger than you know, and your baby is so fortunate to have you 🙂

Congratulations! How exciting to be welcoming a baby. I had my first at 22, and I think one of the best resources I had was older moms who were caring and supportive. It seemed I could find answers "in a book" (now Google, right?), but what I needed most was someone who would get my world and offer understanding. For me, those ladies were at a great church in town. I hope you can find them in your community, friend!