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Burnout Anyone?


I'm feeling completely burnt out with all of my responsibilities and I'm struggling to find the energy to do what I love! I MISS reading, going for walks, and grabbing dinner with friends, plus I also want to pick up new hobbies (has anyone tried pottery?!). I never feel like I have enough time and, more importantly, enough energy. What're your hacks for more energy when you are doing it all?! 



SO REAL. I was just telling a friend I don't have a single hobby I do just for me. It makes me sad! I welcome tips.

Is there a local arts or cultural center that gives classes- close to wear you live? Would be fun to sign up for different kinds of art classes (or cooking, music, gardening etc.) - just have fun and you may find something you love that becomes your new hobby 🙏

love this! i was actually thinking about getting into pottery this year, but gardening is also such a good idea. thank you for replying 🙂


Yes, tired is sooo present in the air! I know there is that desire to get back to doing the things that you love, but how do you feel about rest as a means to restore that energy? Unfortunately, when we enter into the zone of burnout, our brain just registers tired.  That means even the things we enjoy will feel like work. Since, we can't just tap out of life the key is to replenish by doing the bare minimum; this looks different for everyone. On the other hand, the gift of burnout is that it gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we got there and how we can create structure/boundaries to protect/reserve our energy moving forward. I often encourage my clients to sit with this mantra "when I invest in me I invest in the things that matter to me". It sounds like your body and mind are saying "we've worked hard, can we chill for a little"


Would love to hear your thoughts! 


yup yup, burnout is sooooo real. i talked about this recently here.


during this time it might be a good time to:

engage in things you desire, delegate tasks to loved ones if possible, disrupt the beliefs and thoughts that lead us to burnout, describe the burnout to ppl and welcome care, and look/listen/smell things that delight you. these are a few D’s of my burnout survival solar system. 


when our body stops having the energy we’re used to it’s a usually a cue there’s a need for an external change and a shift in our relationship to the external things happening in our life. 


like @Nichomi_H said, burnout offers you a chance to reflect and think about your relationships to your boundaries, your care, your no’s, and your body. 


small micro moments of rest may be right around the corner. google or look up 7 types of rest for a starting point 🙂


oh sister, I absolutely hear you.  I completely burned out at the end of last year myself.  So this is the year that I'm really paying attention to what I need and want to do to avoid that feeling.  The following list is what has helped me so far.  Take what works for you and can be applied to your situation.

  • My new mantra:  "relaxed productivity" - I have spent so much excess energy stressing out or carrying nervous frenetic energy into and through all my tasks.  But if I can do the same things without that nervous energy, I am so much better off!
  • Asking myself:  is this REALLY my responsibility?  As someone who has struggled with boundaries and who aims to please often at my own expense, I've discovered that some of the things I chose to take on aren't really mine.
  • Asking myself:  If I don't do this thing now or right away or today, will there be irreparable or irreversible harm? Is it life or death?  If the answers are no, then I give myself permission to table it for another day, week or month.
  • Asking myself when I feel overwhelmed:  what are the top 3 things I have to take care of today?  I really do try to stick to 3 because that constraint brings clarity to my prioritization.  If it feels like the number of things needs to be more, I refer to the two questions above.  And if yes is an answer to the life or death question for more than 3 things, then by all means, expand the list. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

^^ LOVE this advice @ElaineS56/. TYSM for sharing, I needed to read this! 


Consistent bedtime/rest