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Thriving Through Menopause Conversations


Hello!I have just joint this group. I used to go to the gym 6-7 days/week, religiosity since 2008. My ‘rest’ days consisted of hiking, just getting out in nature. I have had many changes in life over the last 18 months and have not been as committed ... 

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Some are asking about hair growth in inopportune places, but I am mostly worried about the hair I am losing on my head! The texture is also different. I eat well, I'm not sure what else to do besides taking Biotin. 

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Anyone have tips on hair loss? The hair seems to be growing back slowly but it’s falling out so much that it’s obvious that’s it’s thinning in the front area of my head. It looks like I’ve cut super short bangs but it’s actually a little bit of new h... 

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Well, I'm not enjoying the extra weight around the middle that I can't seem to lose, the real challenge is the hot flashes. I have tried evening primrose oil. It helps a little. I noticed that no drinking whatsoever improves them. Problem as I like a... 

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Hello all!! I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that started and finished menopause in their 30’s? I am now 45 and still struggling with the aftermath! I am looking to connect to chat and commiserate with all of you great ladies! christi 

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Hello, I'm 52 years old and still get occasional periods. I have a healthy whole food diet and exercise daily. I'm experiencing intense night sweats which are interfering with my sleep...and makes me have terrible brain fog the next day. What science... 

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Hello! I just finished the Zoom with Dr Ruiz on Hormonal Balance and Menopause and would love feedback on YOUR coping and stories about your journey with menopause. I am in the beginning stage, starting hot flashes, night sweats, waking up often and ... 

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