What to talk about in a menopausal women’s group


Hello, I am going through peri menopause and I am also a yoga teacher. I would like to start a yoga class designed for women in menopause.  This would also include talk therapy (I work with a behavior therapist).  What are some topics you find important while going through this journey of peri menopause and menopause? I am finding I have less of an appetite, but I am experiencing weight gain.  I have researched that women have more anxiety during this time too.  I also find this part of life extremely challenging.  I am raising 3 teenage boys while my husband is fighting cancer.  I feel I am caring for all. What are your thoughts?


I'm with you. I'm going through almost everything you said. Also three teenagers boys and the middle on in the Autism Spectrum High Functioning... which add an extra challenge. My husband has being diagnosed with Parkinson and he is an Architect... so I scare and anxious. Gaining weight slowly, and feeling mood changes. I would love to start a yoga class that combines body muscle build up, plus mindfulness . Namaste


I think a class like this would be really helpful.  I definitely have increased anxiety and am struggling with weight gain.