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    What's been your strangest peri/menopause symptom?


    As a woman's health coach that specializes in midlife and menopause I've heard it all...or I thought I had until I started experiencing what feels like being shocked with a live wire.  It's these little pops that feel like something is zapping my skin.  I feel it most on my neck, shoulders, quads, and back.  And yes it is a real menopause symptom.  

    Since you're hormones are messengers and they are running a little wonky in perimenopause, it can mess with the messages transited in nervous system and that is explains the pops of electricity.  It doesn't hurt just super annoying. 


    But I'd love to hear from you  . . . what's been your strangest peri/menopause symptom? 

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    Hi, @Karen_C! I haven’t heard of that symptom, so thanks for sharing. The most bothersome symptoms I’ve experienced have been episodes of benign positional vertigo and memory issues where I really thought I was starting to experience dementia. The memory issues faded years ago, but my vertigo still flares now and again. Sharing our ‘unusual’ symptoms is a good idea because they probably are more common than we think. It’s so much more than hot flashes!


    @KarliNewman I have major issues with vertigo as well, it got so bad I ended up in the ER.  Something to be aware of  . . . again, conversations that need to be had.  Thank you for sharing 

    An ER visit for vertigo must have been miserable - I hope your episodes become less intense. Thanks again for starting the conversation.


    thanks everyone for sharing.  I've had on and off joint pain that impacted my day to day life (and kept me from running!).  Right now I'm feeling fine - hopefully didn't jinx myself there!


    I have had the post menopause live wire shock in my posterior thoracic area, always  on one side. I have for the past several months done an exercise in prone with weights on my shoulder blades, extend thoracic area-lift up slightly against gravity.  6 reps of 20 sec holds-no more live wire events.


    Just this weekend, a friend told me she heard that racing heart was also associated with perimenopause and I just had to groan/laugh because a couple of years ago I went through a bunch of testing thinking something was wrong with me. NONE of the doctors I talked to mentioned that a racing heart could be related to menopause. I had a few ECGs, an ultrasound of my heart, wore a monitor at home, etc. Doctors didn't find anything to be concerned about on any of the testing. I usually get a bout of racing heart in the morning while I'm brushing teeth or eating breakfast — not doing anything strenuous, just sort of moving through my morning routine. 

    You bring up such a good point - research, training, and knowledge of peri/menopause is minimal for doctors (unless they specialize). Women’s healthcare is different than men’s - we need more data and information specific to us!


    Just when I thought I heard them all!!  I just have the typical hot flashes and trouble sleeping, but I just started.  I can't wait for this roller coaster to end!  Does it end...wait, don't tell me.  I like to think it will!

    We each have our own journey, but can come together in the experience! Chats like this help and opening up with friends, moms, sisters, daughters is important, too. I’m almost to the official milestone of menopause (hasn’t quite been a year since my last period) but I can say it becomes more like a kiddie-coaster than a full blown loopty loop!