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Thrust into Menopause


Hi there! I've been in the wellness industry for about 5 years now, but after having to have a radical surgery due to a rare type of ovarian cancer, my body has been thrust into menopause. Over the last year my body has changed and it's absolutely disorienting. My recovery is terrible and I've put on some weight, and I know it all has to do with my hormones. I have a consult with a dr about the pellets coming up soon, but I'm afraid I may not be a candidate due to the cancer thing. Any support and advice would be great, thanks!!   



I’m so sorry you’re going through this! My best friend had a similar experience due to cervical cancer at age 36. It was tough to see her in so much pain (mentally and physically), but I’d really encourage you to listen to your doctor’s advice about taking any hormones. I wish I could offer some ideas for easing your symptoms! Sending you support from afar ❤️ 

You have been through so much! It sounds like you are taking steps to feel better and continue your recovery, which is progress on your journey. Your body is different which takes some adjustment. My advice (since you asked!) is to give yourself grace and honor your body for making its way through these big changes. The results you desire may not happen as quickly as you are used to, but baby steps still move you forward. Trust yourself to make the right decisions for you as you learn more about your options. You will land in the right place. 💕 Sending you support and positive vibes!

I completely understand. At 49, I found out I was BRCA2 positive after DNA testing because of my younger sister going through breast cancer at the age of 47. Two months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and then a radical hysterectomy. The surgically induced menopause has been less than joyful. I’ve put on an additional 15 lbs. over four years and it’s nearly impossible to take it off. I don’t have answers, but please know that you’re not alone. 🩷