Sleep Ritual For Menopausal Women


Since we are in "Sleep Week" I figured I would share what has worked for me in the hope it may help someone else out as well.  Nobody said anything about insomnia as something to expect during menopause.  Sleep has never been an issue for me but Just when I managed to get control of the hot flashes and tame the unwanted chin hair, not sleeping through the night became a whole other challenge. I use to be able to knock out for 9 hours straight no problem but 2 years ago year that all changed.  I would wake up in the middle of the night too hot or too cold and not able to fall back asleep for hours. I tried everything short of sleeping pills and finally came up with a sleep routine that helps me get the full 8 hours I so desperately need to function as a contributing member of society. I’ve found that everything from sleep prep, sheets, sleepwear, essential oils and creating the right environment can all contribute to a solid night’s sleep.  


Set a bedtime: Whatever time you go to bed be consistent with it. Over time your body will start to get into a groove and begin to start to prepare for sleep as that time approaches.


Sleep Prep:   About an hour before bed start prepping yourself for sleep. Take this time for yourself to really unwind.  For months now I have been using the sleep collection from Indie Lee and they really aid in the sleep process.  I start with a nightly bath using the Sleep Soak and follow that up by moisturizing myself with the Sleep Body Oil.  For those of you who are not a fan of a bath they also have a Sleep Body wash. This women owned clean beauty collection consists of essential oils Lavandin, Lavender and Moroccan Chamomile to nourish while Patchouli and Vetiver ground you.


Magnesium: I’ve added magnesium to my nightly routine as well. In order to fall asleep and stay asleep your body and brain need to relax.  Magnesium aids in the process by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed. It also regulates melatonin which guides sleep-wake cycles in the body.  There are numerous all natural magnesium sleep aids out there so choose one you are comfortable with but I have been using Natural Vitality for over a year now about an hour before bed.


Splurge on great sheets:  There is nothing like sleeping on sheets that feel super yummy.  I am obsessed with Brooklinen  sheets, in particular the linen collection.  They are a great quality for a reasonable price and wash and dry extremely well.  If you are battling hot flashes and night sweats, try the linen or silk collection as both fibers naturally help to regulate your body temperature. 


Sleep in the Nude or Choose breathable sleepwear:  If you are not a fan of sleeping in the nude( which honestly is the best way to keep your body temperature regulated) then be sure to sleep in fabrics that will work with the ebbs and flows of your body temperature. 


Mist your pillows with essential oils:  Again, I defer to Indie Lee for their pillow mist. Made with the same grounding essential oils as the body soak and oil a quick spritz on the pillow makes your ritual complete promoting and aura of peace and tranquility. 


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Helpful. Thanks!

I too started with not sleeping through the night since going into menopause. I’ve been dealing with the night sweats for 20 years. My doctor was concerned enough to send me to a sleep specialist—found I have central sleep apnea and hypopnea. I’m taking magnesium, using melatonin, lavender oil in a diffuser, lavender soap, etc. all on top of a CPAP machine now. Still not sleeping through the night. Not sure what else to do.

Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear your sleep isn’t quite where you’d like it. In general there can be several categories on why we have a hard time staying asleep. 1) believe it or not night time arousals can be normal and occurs after 4-6 hours of sleep as we aren’t as tired during the later half of the night as when we first went to bed 2) suboptimal treatment of breathing issues like sleep apnea 3) low blood sugar levels 4) too much light prior to bedtime and not enough light earlier in the day 5) not enough exercise 6) caffeine, alcohol, sugar intake too close to bedtime 7) stress 😎 environmental factors (noise, temperature, uncomfortable bed etc) Have you checked out Athletawell’s sleep diary? Hopefully that will give you a glimpse into potential reasons you have a hard time staying asleep. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Great tips for sleeping through menopause. Love the aromatherapy recommendations!

Thanks for all of these tips- I will try several of them!! Hi

I hope they help you get a better nights sleep!

There is anything natural to be taken? The bathing make me awake I can’t take a bath or shower at night. Hot flashes are killing me. Please help !!

I am an Integrative Health Practitioner through my experience with clients that I have worked with often times they talk with their doctor about their sleep related issues. Magnesium has been proven to help as well as reducing stress in your environment. 

Hi I agree with @megannarz magnesium really helps.  Take it about an hour before bed. There is a link in my original post with magnesium that I take.  Hope that helps!


Has anyone heard or tried Kindra’s sleep enhancing supplement? The company is focused on helping women during menopause. I have been reading their blogs and decided to try it. Used it once last night and I had an excellent night of sleep. The first in many days. Maybe this can help you @mnc724 - not sleeping is total torture 😞