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    Nutrition seems key


    I feel like I recently made some progress in beating some menopause symptoms by focusing on good nutrition. Mary Claire Haver, MD has some great videos and tips. I have not read her new book yet, the Galveston Diet.  #https://www.youtube.com/@maryclairehavermd8473


    Anybody else finds her helpful and has some best practices?


    What I started so far:


    - no added sugar

    - more fiber, for example wheat noodles

    - more protein and probiotics through yogurt, skyr

    - adding more nutritious ingredients, for example spinach

    - avoiding simple carbs, example white bread, white rice

    - adding more avocados, nuts and chia seeds


    I feel less hungry and started to enjoy nutritious food much more. 


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    Thank you so much I will take a look at her video . I am also changing things. At least 30 minutes of movement a day, no added sugar, raising my amount of protein and more veggies. I also cut out all processed foods. I’m not good at this 100% but it’s a work in progress. Thank you for sharing your process.


    Thanks for sharing your changes. I also added movement every day. I now try to park at the furthest spot on parking lots to get the extra steps in 🙂 Everything counts.


    I have noticed when I am conscientious about good nutrition (eliminating sugar and processed foods), my symptoms are much fewer and I sleep better.  High intensity exercise also accomplishes this.  What a journey this part of life is! 


    When I exclude caffeine from my diet it really helps my symptoms.  It's unfortunate, but it really is helpful.


    Oh I love Dr Mary Claire! I ordered her book and follow her as well. I’m a nutrition, fitness and wellness coach for midlife women and I’m often sharing how I’ve been able to prove almost all of my menopause symptoms 10 fold with switching up my fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress and daily routine.  It took some trial and error but it was all worth it the way feeling now as opposed to 2 years ago when menopause through me for a loop 😂  When midlife hits we’ve got to amp up

    protein & fiber and unfortunately reduce alcohol (it metabolizes differently when we are in midlife and wreaks havoc - especially our sleep). Turmeric and avocado daily decrease visceral fat - ob and green tea too! Goodbye menopause belly 🙌🏻  Just some things I’ve changed up that are really working - midlife doesn’t have to be just surviving - we deserve to thrive - these are some of the best years 😃





    Does anyone know of a good functional medicine doctor? I was diagnosed with osteopenia recently and I have been in menopause for almost 2 years. I think the decrease in my hormones is the reason for my bone loss. I am trying to figure out if taking bio identical hormones can help stop my bone loss and prevent osteoporsis. If anyone knows of a good functional medicine doctor who specializes in bio identical hormone replacement therapy please do share. Thank you!


    Check out www.ifm.org. Click upper right hand corner then Find A Practictioner. This should lead you to one in your area. Good luck!

    Hi Weir! I’m 51 and I’ve been on bioidentical, hormones for over a year and a half, but found that hormone pellets was the best option for me because Western medicine only let you have so much estrogen and they don’t offer you testosterone.  I follow Dr. Susan Hardwick Smith on YouTube. https://youtube.com/@drsusan She’s a practicing gynecologist in Texas and has tons of information about menopause and debunks a lot of old theories and information that’s out there. As for your question about bone loss, she also has several videos on that topic.  If you’re interested in bioidentical hormone pellets, go to the BIOTE.com website to find a doctor. I finally got my life back after going through three years of hell! I was so sick from menopause that I nearly lost my job and my relationship! There’s no amount of diet changes that would ever replace hormone deficiency as some have suggested on this topic. Thank goodness for bioidentical hormone pellets! I wish you the best! 

    You're right, estrogen is this miracle hormone we aren't told much about aside from reproductive needs. It does so much for us, and when it declines most of us aren't prepared for the effects. I recommend seeking a registered dietitian who specializes in women's health, specifically aging. They can help you better understand a diet pattern that can help mitigate bone loss. 


    Jenn Huber is a dietitian who specializes in menopause (@menopause.nutritionist) and her diet-related suggestions are excellent. Just like one wouldn't take their car to a plumber to fix it, or ask a dentist to look at their feet, accessing nutrition information from a nutrition professional is key to better understanding what can work for you within your relationship with food.