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    Navigating Menopause with Exercise and Healthy Eating


    When you are going through this crazy time - I realize that it would be great to have a concrete answer to manage the symptoms ... like "take this or do this" ... but the truth is that managing menopause is a process and it's about what you do everyday, every week, every month, etc.  


    I've been talking alot about this recently in here but there are some things you can do to eliminate menopausal symptoms naturally.  I'd love to hear what you are doing or what you aren't doing but want to start!  Share below 👇 let's help each other out!! 


    PS I'll be answering your questions in my "Ask Me Anything" next Tuesday 10/19 if you have any questions about exercise and eating during menopause!) 



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    For me it has been a life changing to do bio identical hormones, They are derived from plants and your gyno can prescribe them as they are prepared in a compound pharmacy. The best! Of course with the addition of healthy living.

    Cool! Never heard of bio identical hormones. What exactly do they treat/do? I'm curious to learn more. 

    So the major difference between bio identical hormones and regular HRT Is how they are created. Bio identical hormones are derived from plant sources similar to the hormones in your body.  Traditional HRT are products made from the urine of pregnant horses and other Synthetic hormones.   Bio identical hormones can be very safe and helpful for some women. You would want to reach out to a functional medicine doctor to get your hormones tested if you think you need them.  Many women get through menopause through eating healthy exercise and meditation!  That’s what worked for me… It wasn’t always easy believe me but everybody is different so there is no one right answer. We need to start conversation so we can help each other!!


     I am two years into menopause and I haven't noticed much at all in the way of symptoms.  I eat a whole foods plant based diet filled with whole grains, beans, vegetable, fruit, tempeh, tofu, nuts and seeds.  I don't drink alcohol, but I do drink a couple cups of coffee every day.  Mindfulness and meditation have helped me to find balance, self acceptance, and grace for myself and others. 

    Yay!! I love hearing this. What you eat every day is the number one health decision people make… And so many people don’t understand that it affects every part of their health. Menopause can Often be controlled with food and exercise. And I love that you are meditating also. Another huge help for menopausal symptoms. !!

    Do you not eat any meat?  


    I am all ears for advice how to manage GERD like symptoms, insomnia and hot flashes when you already eat healthy and get moderate exercise. I am not able to take any hormones due to potential breast cancer risk. I take an herbal supplement called Staying Cool by EU Naturals for hot flashes but lately that is not even working. I have modified my diet including no first thing in the morning caffeine and less acidic food plus no alcohol but still have GI distress almost every night.  I’m not overweight and have had an endoscopy.  The PPIs that supposedly reduce acid don’t work for me and I didn’t want to take them anyway due to long-term effects.  Open to advice! 

    hi there @Thrive we're so glad you've chimed in here! thank you for sharing your experience. I'll tag our nutritionist @Heather_C here  for her tips 🙏

    Hi @Thrive do you know if your HCL is too high or too low? (Do-it-yourself testing with HCL saliva strips.) this healthline article talks about too little stomach acid and how that can feel like GERD- hope this is helpful 

    Thanks for sharing !

    That was nice of our other member to share an article with you. In terms of acid reflux… I don’t know if you have worked with a functional medicine doctor or a homeopathic doctor… But they may have some remedies other than medication that could be helpful for you!  Maybe if interested you could sequin out in your area!  

    I didn't know GERD like symptoms was from menopause! I am 5 years post-menopausal and have been having terrible digestive issues and bloating and acid reflux and am so uncomfortable in bed at night.  And guess what.. it all started after menopause!  That's probably where it came from.. Yay!

    When my body started to change I went to my gynecologist and he told me that I had to go into hormone therapy! I have been with my therapy for two years now, my skin is hydrated and toned! I have more energy!

    @Marjorie41 - interesting! What does hormone therapy entail exactly? I bet other members are interested in understanding more on this topic. 

    That’s great to hear! There is no one right way to get through menopause which is why I think it’s important that we all share what we’re doing and see if we can help each other!!!

     I am post menopausal for almost 20 years, at age 68. I truthfully didn't do much. I had hot flashes, tried black cohosh which did nothing. The flashes were mostly at night, so I dealt with them, and I drank a lot of cold water at work, if I felt one starting. But, it never impeded anything I did. The flashes continued long after my last period, but were diminishing in nature. Since I was already exercising and eating a healthy diet, I just made sure I kept doing all that. I never had a hot flash while cycling, hiking, Nordic skiing, or snow shoeing...




    Two years in and the only real issue for me is the hot flashes. Day, night, exercising, watching TV...they just pop up about 12-14 times a day, all about 30-60 seconds. I recently started taking Black Cohosh supplements to see if it helps. Since I started taking it, I have been writing down each one through the day. I hope it helps ease it a bit. I've read 2-8 weeks before noticing a difference, if there's a difference. Fingers crossed.


    My gyno recommended estradiol in the form of a vaginal pill (Vagifem).  It's supposedly like HRT, but not going through your whole system.  Targeted to ease vaginal atrophy.  Anyone have experience with this?

    Yes, I have been using this prescription for close to 5 years. It is a localized form of estrogen (the other kind being cream applied externally and/or internally.)  Originally was prescribed it for recurrent UTIs. My Dr. said she could see the difference in tissue integrity at my next exam. I have not experienced any issues with it. Of course your Dr. is the best person to ask more questions about the drug.