Hello!  I just finished the Zoom with Dr Ruiz on Hormonal Balance and Menopause and would love feedback on YOUR coping and stories about your journey with menopause.  I am in the beginning stage, starting hot flashes, night sweats, waking up often and wondered how you stayed strong.  Thank you!!


Hello. I’m 55 years old and menopause has made her presence known! Hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. I remembered my grandmother who always has a bottle of Lydia Pinkham tablets. I ordered a bottle on Amazon. I’ve been taking them for about 3 months. I can tell you that all my symptoms have decreased significantly! It’s not easy being a girl, thank God for Dr. Lydia Pinkham who created this formula for all women of all stages in life ❤️. Take that menopause!

Thank you for your response!!!! I will definitely look into those!!  The constant waking up at night is the worst!!!!  I hate that this process can go on for 4-8 YEARS!!!!!  

I think I have been living with peri and then full blown menopause for close to 10+ years.  Many of the obvious symptoms (night sweats - and not just at night!), weight gain, dry skin etc...seem to ebb and flow.  However, I've struggling a bit more this past year and I don't look forward to the next couple of months which are filled with doctor visits.  I've become quite forgetful and at a loss with specific words (word finding inability) to name a couple of the more intense side effects. So, I'm going to have a brain MRI followed by visits to 1) a Rheumatologist, 2) a Neurologist and 3) a visit to my OBGYN.  I'm exhausted thinking about it.


Finally, I've been reading a newly published, English based, quarterly magazine entitled "Menopause Matters."  You can also find them on Instagram. Their posts and articles help reassure me that I'm not actually going crazy in spite of doing crazy things.


I think the key to managing menopausal symptoms is to surround yourself with women friends...true women friends who care for and love you.  Having women friends around is like taking mushrooms.  They make everything so much more beautiful...I've never seen such rich red tones gracing our home.


You've got this Jojo3!

Thank you!!  I am going to look into Menopause Matters on Instagram!  Good Luck with your doctor visits, I hope you find the answers you need!!!  xoxo


Hi, hoping others respond. I just finished the Friday zoom. I'm in the same stage as you and 4-8 years sounds very long. I was thrown straight into perimenopause in December after stopping birth control (which I admit I continued to keep hot flashes and other symptoms away). All the above are not fun but waking up at night is the most frustrating. 

Thank you for responding!  I was hoping more women would respond also.  Waking up 2-3 times a night is frustrating as I was always a great sleeper.  The hot flashes are annoying.  It's a little comforting to know we are in this together.

I hear you! 1000 mg of glycine at bedtime, plus 400 mg of magnesium glycinate, really helped me fall asleep and stay asleep more often. 

Thank you for sharing!!  I am glad you found some relief!!  Sleep is soooo important, and the constant waking up drives me crazy!!!!!!!

The wee-hour wakeups really are terrible. I can tell I'm not managing stress well when my sleep is disrupted. 

@beverlybrown - waking up is the WORST!!  I got a bad cold awhile back, and in order to make sure I could breathe before going to sleep, I would do some inhale/exhale through my nose a bunch of times.  This, turns out, is a relaxing sleep technique!!  I kept doing it to fall asleep, even when I was 100% healthy, and I think it might help me.  Whenever I wake up, I do some inhale/exhales and fall right back asleep.  Maybe you can try it????  Let me know if it helps!!!

Yes! Deep breaths work like magic. Another trick to induce sleep: lie on your back with your legs resting against a wall, door or piece of furniture. Hold that position for 60 seconds. I recently read that if you have gut bloat, it could be a sign of cortisol pooling there due to stress. To reduce cortisol, elevate legs then press thumbs underneath navel firmly down an inch. Hold position for 1 minute. That has helped me.

@beverlybrown - I just saw a TikTok on that!!  Thank you!!!

We might've seen the same one! Think that's where I learned it.

Great Minds think alike! Ha!


My perimenopause started around age 45, and now at almost 52, I feel like it's winding down. So seven years is about right. I still get my period, but it's getting more and more infrequent. My symptoms haven't been the most common ones. I experienced what I referred to as my "middle age rage" and also developed heat sensitivity. If I get overheated, I get migraine/nausea, and I was never prone to headaches before. My middle-aged rage was interesting, though. I would get highly pissed over minor wrongs or inconveniences. In some ways, I enjoyed it, but dealing with it was challenging. When I was in my 30s, a pilates trainer had once told me that she was angry for about seven years, and then one day, it just lifted. I had no idea what she was talking about. Fast forward to my mid-40s, and I recognized her symptoms in myself. It was comforting to know another woman had been where I was. 

Thank you for your story!  Your 'middle-age rage' is interesting!  I don't feel any increase, yet, with my emotions.  I too find comfort in hearing what others are going through.  It makes this whole process a little easier.

“Middle age rage”!  Love it!  I always called it a power surge.


Hi, it is comforting to know that we have a collective space to talk about these issues. Thank you for sharing. For me, i am told i am still in the very beginning stages of things, and it started with feeling like severe PMS (which i have never had before in my life!) for two weeks at a time, but with erratic periods that easily would stretch into a month-long abyss of uncertainty - will my heart race at night when i wake up sweating? would i have three periods in one month or just one long one? would i have sleepless nights and anxious days? would my new-found moodiness surface at the least expected moment? 
The most frustrating thing for me is the physical manifestations that can feel like real illnesses and that prevent me from fighting off the very issues that cause them. My heart rate, my skin, my bladder, my head - all are affected. I could deal with just a small set of symptoms, but not knowing which are from hormones roller coaster and which are possibly a condition that is unrelated, is tough... 
I never had anxiety, but feel with all the physical and emotional disbalance, it is coming to the forefront more and more, causing more of the same - physical and emotional disbalance. Vicious circle. 

Thank you for sharing!!  Roller coaster is the perfect way to describe menopause!  Have you found anything that helps to relieve any of these annoying symptoms?  

Hello:  I went thru menopause at 58 with little to no trouble.  What did pop up year or two later was the inability to sleep and it was starting to get to a depressive state.   I was eventually put on a hormone replacement patch with good results.  It has been my saving grace.  There is help out there, just reach out! (Gyn MD, is your best bet)


Thank you for sharing!!  Sleeping is soooooo important!!!!  I am glad you are getting relief!!!

There are a couple of things I tried. Some worked, but not consistently. Others I knew I had to have and cannot do without. 

The latter being walks outside, preferably outside of my familiar neighborhood. But any walk is better than none. 

For sleep, tried melatonin, very low dose. It worked some, but still didn't prevent me from waking up. Valerian tea worked much better. I take it a few nights a week. Benadryl helps, too, now with allergies raging, but is a good sleep aid for me, even at children's dose. 

Stress vitamins, containing GABA and lemongrass, are really helpful to regain balance emotionally around the periods. 

Finally, will share what doesn't work but makes things worse for me - ashwagandha... Many people swear by it. For me, it made anxiety and feelings of heart palpitations worse. 

Thank you for sharing!  Anxiety is a new one for me too.  I was thinking it was just age, remembering my Mom, but it has to be a combination.  How do you cope with all of this?  Have you found anything that helps?  


Hello! I am so glad this topic was presented. The funny thing is as I am currently typing and I am having a hot flash, which then turns to a cold flash. In my personal journey with menopause, I started by having an honest conversation with my husband regarding the changes that were happening to my body and what to expect when we are intimate. Including him in this journey as been so helpful. I did speak to my doctor of natural products to take. He said to use Black Cohosh. I have been using it and not sure if I see a difference yet. I will give it a full month. Exercise has been very helpful. I do get hot flashes, but for me the worst is when I get a cold flash. I get very cold, hands and feet especially. Then it does subside. I do notice I am more sensitive (emotional) I cry very easily (that is getting better). I am learning to accept every emotion and know that it is real and this too will pass.

Thank you for sharing!!  Cold Flash......that is the first time I have heard that is a menopause symptom.  I have been getting something similar for years!  My hands and feet would be like blocks of ice.  I just recently started with the hot flashes.  I don't know which is worse really.  Keep us posted about the Black Cohosh, if you don't mind.


Hi, I’m 46 and thanks to genetics, I hit menopause somewhere between 6-9 months ago. I remember how my mother’s health crashed after menopause, significant weight change and multiple common health issues all hit pretty soon afterwards. (She also passed away a few years ago at the age of 67 and I know her lack of taking care of herself had a lot to do with it, sadly.) I have been determined to do better for myself and my family. I started going to an integrative medicine doctor and can  say that while many don’t want to hear what we need to change and that it requires work, I am grateful for seeing the difference in being more proactive with my health. For those that want to take charge, I highly recommend checking out local integrative medicine practices that look at getting to the heart of the issue and making lifestyle changes versus band aid solutions. It does cost more, but it’s because they spend more time than insurance tries to force most HCPs. 

Thank you so much for sharing!!  I am sorry to hear about your Mom.  I agree with you 100% that taking care of yourself is so so so important!!  I am happy to hear to you are being proactive!

Hi! I too am knee deep in menopause and have battled that along with new thyroid issues. My hot flashes were literally hourly for a couple months. I started taking Black Cohosh, just an herb that can be found anywhere and it made an immediate difference. No hot flashes! I now take every other day and it still works just as well. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply!  Hourly????  UGH!!!  I am glad you found some relief!!  I will look into that!!!!


This is a meaningful topic and I have a hard time finding a trusted community discussion and get overwhelmed if I “google.”  I haven’t found a great dr/obgyn that is super helpful.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences!  And thank you Athleta for this forum!

I agree!!  It is a tough topic to talk about face to face because it is so overwhelming.  I hope you find the answers you need!


I’m 53 and at the tail end of the process.  Aside from all of the amazing suggestions I see from other folks on here, what helped me sleep through the night was a Body Scan before sleeping.  It helped quiet all of the voices of the day.  Progressive Muscle Relaxation also great.  Plus, because of reflux symptoms, I ate less in the evening, and not so late.  Less alcohol and sugar helped with hot flashes at night.  I was happy to see Athleta use some silver-haired models lately, although they don’t just do yoga!  Put them in some outfits for more hard core sports!

Thank you for sharing!  I hate waking up multiple times , I used to be the BEST sleeper!  I will definitely look into your sleep suggestions!!!!