Hair loss


Anyone have tips on hair loss?  The hair seems to be growing back slowly but it’s falling out so much that it’s obvious that’s it’s thinning in the front area of my head.  It looks like I’ve cut super short bangs but it’s actually a little bit of new hair growth.  It’s awful and there is no way to hide it.  I’ve tried a few different vitamins to help and maybe that’s why I have the new growth but it’s falling so much quicker than it’s growing back.  Any advice would be appreciated.  


Hello, please start with getting a thyroid test. Thyroid problems can cause hair loss. It just takes a simple blood test. Good luck!

I noticed my hair was thinning the moment I hit 45. I use shampoo once a week and started on Viviscal and Vegamor and I see a difference. Also just eating healthier

I’m so sorry this is happening! I would recommend a rosemary shampoo. Really massage into your scalp and let sit. I like the aveda rosemary shampoo or you can mix rosemary essential oils in with your regular shampoo. I would also suggest B vitamins and or a collagen supplement. Finally, maybe try giving up gluten for 60 days and see if that gives you any improvement. 🙂

A few years ago, I started experiencing hair loss from a MS medication I was taking. I use castor oil on my hair and scalp once a week. I’ve had great results. My stylist suggested nioxin. She said her clients had amazing results. I haven’t tried it yet.