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Cancer Survivor & Menopause


Hello ladies,

due to my breast cancer, I was placed on hormone pills, which put me into early menopause. I am a very active person, but the belly area doesn't seem to go away...instead it's getting bigger! Any suggestions, on how to handle the 'new' body? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @MD_NYC! That sounds so frustrating, its hard to keep up with a changing body. Let's see if Guides @Saru_B or @Karen_C have any tips or advice for you. Wishing you the best of luck!! ❤️

Hi Vanessa, I am a Breast Cancer survivor from a very rare cancer and I had to complete hysterectomy. I’m excited to learn on other people deal with the same situation as I am. 


@MD_NYC belly fat is one issue many women struggle with.  It's important to understand that belly fat usually happens because as we age and our sex hormones decrease (specially estrogen) our body fat is slowly redistributed.  You'll notice a swift from gaining weight in the hips/bottom more to the belly.  And girl, I feel your pain.  The best thing to do is to continue to move your body - prioritize strength training over cardio, limit HIIT workouts (the spike in cortisol can actually have a negative effect so many once a week).  Waking is a great addition to any fitness program.  The goal is to be less sedentary as we age.  Next, look at your overall nutrition.  Limit alcohol/sugar drinks, time carbs around your fitness so you body can burn the sugar instead of allowing it to turn to fat.  Understand as we get older we can become insulin resistant so that may be another reason for the added midsection.  I hope this helps - please if you have any more questions . . . I'm here for you!! 

Thank you so much I never knew this. I have been doing 2 hours of cardio/hiit and I am frustrated. I know my meds I’m on contributes to weight gain, but I had no idea about limiting cardio. Thank you again. 

I hear you. I stopped the high cardio sessions in the studio altogether and do more shorter strength and stretch and medium impact sessions, even only 5, 10, or 20 minutes. It is soo much better since I enjoy it more, and do it more often. 

Thank you so much for your advice ❤️

I will switch up my workouts and implement mores weights into my workouts. Thank God for my dog, who makes me walk every day!

I’m in this boat / breast cancer/ heart medication/ hypothyroidism- but I do love my workouts as they get me and my mind through all the rough times.  I don’t know how to replace my runners high with a strength “ non high”.  I seriously would miss running to much to just put strength ahead of it.   I’m about 50/50 on cardio and strength workouts. 


@StephanieE763 just saw this thread that may be helpful ❤️