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    Your most burning questions about your aches & pains!


    Hello Athletawell family! I need your help!!


    There are SO many new faces here and I couldn't be more excited. If we haven't met, My name is Dr. Leada and I am your physical therapy guide! Your feedback has been so helpful in assisting me to create the best information for you so far. (To be honest, if I make the list, it's not nearly as interesting!)


    We've talked about exercise quality and quantity, desk ergonomics, neck/back pain, achy joints, and how to stay mobile with age so far. What a list! So as we wrap up October (time is flying isn't it?) and we head into the winter months..help me finish the year with a bang for all of us. 


    1. Do you prefer Athletawell posts with VIDEOS or just TEXT? Or both?

    2. What is one ache or pain you'd like to understand BETTER?


    Any and all answers are appreciated. I can't wait to help you move better!



    Dr. Leada



    P.S. You can read my bio page here to learn more or follow me on Instagram as well. 🙂 

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    Both Both

    Noted! Thanks @lauree 


    I'm always shocked by the amount of pain in my hip flexors! 

    I will be adding a hip flexor/groin/hip segment soon! Thanks @surfingob ! 


    videos are much easier to follow. and i always have pain in my shoulders and base of my neck. how do i stretch these, without hurting myself? is it because i'm scrunching my shoulders, or something else?

    Noted! Thanks @amotichek. I also like videos. I just had a segment about desk stretches and mobility that targets these areas, I believe you can watch the replay. @Vanessa, this is possible right?

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Yes, once we have that video available we will let you know @amotichek @Leada_M! 


    I appreciate having both

    Thank you for letting me know @Grace!


    Actually, I think text is easier because then I can read it anywhere and not worry about volume.

    IT Band, please, I'm asking for my 21 year old daughter.  She wants to run, and just keep running and run every day, etc. etc!  But she pushes too hard sometimes and then struggles to walk down stairs!  We know she should be resting it, but what else can she do to help it heal quicker!  Thank you so much!

    Wonderful @casimmons! Noted. As for IT band, my quickest tips would be to work on quad and glute strength, but definitely monitor the volume of running/terrain/shoewear along the way. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to IT band syndrome. Strength is absolutely key but gradual, progressive volume to build tolerance is another portion. Some of my favorite exercises include band walks, standing fire hydrants, and single leg sit to stands from a chair. I'm also online on Instagram @ drmalekpt where I share a lot of videos that may be helpful for your daughter if she has the app 🙂


    I like seeing videos to quickly and easily understand movement. 

    One pain please,  causes and exercises to strengthen

    Thanks @Rossmom! Did you mean hip pain?


    I like both videos and text.  Would love to learn more about plantar fasciitis

    Excellent @kathleenruns! I will add more on this later, but a few things people forget are key with plantar fasciitis are flexible and strong calves and having sufficient great toe extension (movement of the toe towards you). These two aspects along with sometimes weaker feet cause excessive load to fall into the plantar fascia, a taut ligamentous band that extends from the heel to the foot. Its purpose is to help propel a nice rigid foot forward, but sometimes we end up dumping too much load onto it and it can get irritated. Common signs and symptoms are pain on the bottom of the foot, at or near the heel, and pain with the first few steps in the morning. I'll add a preventative post for this! Thanks for asking!

    thank you!  I definitely need to work on my flexibility.