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Yoga as a 57 year old



I'm Diane, I will be 57 next month, and I am new to AthletaWell.   I started to doing yoga (on youtube) during the pandemic and I have grown to really LOVE it!  I regret not discovering it earlier in my life, but I suppose it's better late than never 😉   My question is about strength.  I practice yoga 4 hours a week and generally rotate between the same 10 online classes (each approx 1 hr in length) with my favorite online instructor.  Although my flexibility has dramatically improved since 2020, it seems that I should be stronger at this point, but I feel sometimes that I am actually weaker.  I  find it challenging to hold certain basic poses (specifically warrior 2 on my left side, as well as standing pigeon pose on my left side).  I have been told that I have bone loss of my left hip and maybe that is contributing to this issue?  I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar?  Or maybe has some advice for me? 

Thank you!



I just wanted to say that it is awesome that you are practicing 4 hours a week!! I hope you are able to get some helpful advice!


Good morning Diane, 

My name is Jen…it’s been a few weeks since you posted and I’m now seeing this as I shop for clothes!! 😂  I am a physical therapist assistant, yoga teacher and completing an accredited yoga therapy program. I would love to talk to you and see if I could guide you. I have a website you can peek at and see if what I offer would help. This is a specific and personal question you have. So a challenge to answer you back specifically now. Here’s the site-feel free to look it over and send me a note if it feels right. Wonderful job with all you’ve done! 

Peace, Jen

As a PT and yoga teacher I too agree that it is worth it to book a session with a professional so you can maximize what you get out of y our yoga practice.  And if you are able, make the switch to in-person sessions where you can have real-time feedback.



First Congrats on being consistent with your routine!
As a CPT, INHC Health Coach, experience as OTA and mom of four age 54;

I can not say enough the importance of strength training as we get older.

Yoga is so helpful for mobility and flexibility and strength. However, as we age we lose our muscle mass and weight lifting helps maintain and builds our muscle. Seeing a certified personal trainer or therapist is recommended to assess your functional alignment and your areas of strengths and weaknesses that may be contributing to your overall health. 
Be kind to your self and rest/recover when your body is telling you too. @brendalamparyk