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    Yoga as a 57 year old



    I'm Diane, I will be 57 next month, and I am new to AthletaWell.   I started to doing yoga (on youtube) during the pandemic and I have grown to really LOVE it!  I regret not discovering it earlier in my life, but I suppose it's better late than never 😉   My question is about strength.  I practice yoga 4 hours a week and generally rotate between the same 10 online classes (each approx 1 hr in length) with my favorite online instructor.  Although my flexibility has dramatically improved since 2020, it seems that I should be stronger at this point, but I feel sometimes that I am actually weaker.  I  find it challenging to hold certain basic poses (specifically warrior 2 on my left side, as well as standing pigeon pose on my left side).  I have been told that I have bone loss of my left hip and maybe that is contributing to this issue?  I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar?  Or maybe has some advice for me? 

    Thank you!

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    I just wanted to say that it is awesome that you are practicing 4 hours a week!! I hope you are able to get some helpful advice!


    Good morning Diane, 

    My name is Jen…it’s been a few weeks since you posted and I’m now seeing this as I shop for clothes!! 😂  I am a physical therapist assistant, yoga teacher and completing an accredited yoga therapy program. I would love to talk to you and see if I could guide you. I have a website you can peek at and see if what I offer would help. This is a specific and personal question you have. So a challenge to answer you back specifically now. Here’s the site-feel free to look it over and send me a note if it feels right. Wonderful job with all you’ve done! 

    Peace, Jen