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Seasonal changes & exercise frequency!


Hey Athletawell family!


Not sure where you're all at, but where I am it's getting a bit chillier! I know when fall/winter creep in, people change up exercise routines. Arthritis has an interesting way of feeling worse sometimes with colder weather. I'm finding less motivation to walk to gym and more to RUN or skip it because it's cold outside and I usually walk there! BUT it's still important to stay moving. 



What are your biggest challenges when it comes to exercise in the fall/winter months? Is your routine shaken up? Do you struggle with consistency? Does pain hold you back? Curious to hear your thoughts!


-Dr. Leada 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I find my warmups to be a lot longer and intentional because I need to warm my body up before I even get into working out! Leaving my nice warm bed just to be cold/workout is not my favorite thing in the world 😂 @Leada_M 

@Vanessa YES! I love to hear this! IT's actually so beneficial for tendons and joints to get a little warm up in when things haven't moved, especially if cold. I'm also right there with you with the warm bed as home base situation lol!

I live in the East coast and can totally relate. As much as I feel discomfort from feeling cold, I love running in the winter. For a summer gal, it’s a huge deal. It takes a lot of courage to walk out the door in 30-40 degree weather but once you’re on the run, it’s the best feeling ever. I’ll endup stripping off my jacket 5 min into it. The feeling I get post the run is what drives me to do it every time.

@Tutti PROPS to you! I've never ran in that cold of weather because I just chalk it up to nope. too cold for me! lol! I'll do have to try it sometimes, I think the coldest I've ever run in is about 50's. Do you have a favorite kind of shoe for the colder months?

Yes! I have never run in the weather that cold, but I have run in the low 50s, and rain and it feels amazing. I love the feeling of putting on warm clothes afterwards and feeling so accomplished!

In winter I feel cold and don’t want to leave the house! It is also easier to hide under layers and forget about a little weight gain! Also all the treats with holidays are so hard to resist!!

This is the TRUTH! @mcb414 I totally feel this. I wonder if a cozy winter time mobility video is necessary for the holidays... 😋

Love that idea!


There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Layers of wicking stuff and don't forget that there's clothing/shoes designed for winter sports to make you comfortable. And may I dare say, some of this is not Athleta clothing. I do most of my exercise outdoors, all year round, in the Northeast, and what I like is that the change of seasons means changing up your routine. There have been many years I've cycled through the winter, but the past 2 years I didn't ride outdoors in January and February. I do more hiking (in snow sometimes) and wait anxiously for the cross country ski season to arrive. I used to go to spin class, but that was often annoying to me, and the pandemic nixed that, so I have my bike set up on a trainer and do Apple Fitness classes or my own workout.I do boot camp classes year round, now online, but sometimes I skip those in the summer... lots more yoga, too. I walk outdoors almost everyday in the winter.

THIS! Wow @Crankin! You are awesome. Honestly, this may be a generalization coming from me being a California girl - but I feel like the Northeast population really understands good clothing lol! Also all my PNW friends have the best jackets I swear. This may be a great thread to share - any favorite brands of socks or base layers for the winter months outside with temps below, say, 40 degrees? 

Merino wool socks year round. There's lots of different brands. For everyday wear and cycling, walking, I wear FITS brand low profile running socks. Either Smart Wool or Tekko hiking and x country ski socks. For when it's super cold, I use chemical toe and/or hand warmers. The thing is, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and hiking all make you sweat profusely, especially when climbing. Running does, too, from my limited experience. You have to be sure you have clothing in layers that accounts for this and keeps you somewhat warm in the beginning and lets you unzip or take off layers when you are hot. Craft base layers for all sports... pit zips for jackets!

Getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning is my biggest challenge! How is it that I have never felt cozier than in that moment?! I love the idea of dressing more appropriately and remembering how blissful a morning workout feels after completed. I think the key for me is an effective nighttime routine the night before, and figuring out how and when to best fuel my body. Getting plenty of sleep and laying out my workout gear right by my bed so I have no excuses usually helps!

@roshini you said it perfectly - nothing seems cozier at that moment! Lol! I definitely need the same help in terms of the night before, I find it's helpful when my brain isn't exactly on board with the idea to have everything laid out and ready to roll!