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Out of Shape


Hi, I'm getting back into working out, but I'm out of shape and don't want to hurt myself. I have lower back pain when I move around a lot, but I know the pain will cease as I lose weight (its a paradox). How do you work through the pain or are there workouts for people just getting started


if you’re able to walk without hurting yourself, take 15-30 minutes walk a couple of times a day. It’s one of the best low impact exercises there is. If walking hurt you, how about biking on a stationary bike? Another option is to visit your local or community gym and ask whether they have a trainer specialized in your situation. Eight years ago I was sick all the times, got a migraine once or twice a week, had acne all over my face and body, and various other health issues. I was sick of being sick, so I learned about health by reading books and podcasts, and fixed those issues with food and exercise. I started out only able to pedal on my bike for 5-15 minutes. Today I could easily run a half marathon without much preparation. Since then all my acne went away, and I haven’t gotten a single cold. So I know that others can do this as well. Best of luck! As usual, consult with your doctor before stating a new diet or exercise.

@TinaN36 Thank you so much for the advice. I suffer from bad facial acne as well - getting off of birth control helped but its still pretty bad. I didn't think about movement to help but that's a great perspective. Happy to hear the changes helped you! Really inspirational ❤️


I've definitely been there! One option to consider is doing physical therapy for your back if your health insurance covers it/if you can afford it. Extra weight can be part of the problem, but so can your core strength and a general imbalance of strength in your body. A good physical therapist will work with you where you are to build strength that better supports your body and reduces back pain. I've done PT for a number of different things and every time I learn something new about my body. And my posture has gotten a lot better! 


Like TinaN36 said, walking is great and low impact and may be more comfortable in shorter stretches. Biking is fantastic and if your back is really bothering you, you'd still probably be comfortable with a recumbent style stationary bike so you can lean back. Gentle stretching can also be beneficial.


I know just how debilitating back pain can be. Be gentle and kind to yourself, don't rush and overdo things, and try to be consistent with a workout routine even if it feels like progress is slow. Good luck!! 

@kllo Lower back pain really is a killer, but I really do need the reminder to give myself grace and do my best. Biking sounds like it may be a good route for me, I've been trying to walk around a little more but it can be a little difficult. Thank you!

Walking morning get fresh air into lung. Walk after dinner to help burning food before going to bed and help lower cholesterol, bad LDL creates from liver. Eat low carbs more green vegetables and fruits. Lean chicken give more protein. Away from red meat like beef. I do 10,000+ each day. I lost 15 lbs in 3-4 months. I am at where I want and afraid to lose more weight. I watched dr Mandel YouTube and few other YouTube by doctors help me to understand all of those.

@KimN415 congrats on the weight loss! This is awesome advice, especially getting fresh air in the morning. I tend to stay inside more days so I think having that morning reminder might be good for my mindset.

I went to chiropractor for over a year to correct my spinal. After that I went to gym Zumba class and Mat Pilate to stress my body. Best way to relieve nerve pain press by dishes, bend down the head to floor to stretch out the dish, keep one leg up and one leg on floor. Easy exercise to release pain and correct the dish. I learned from my experience.

@KimN415 I'll have to try this as well

Look for someone like Justin Agustin on Instagram - he specializes in people with low mobility, injuries, illness … free daily movement suggestions on IG, many sitting or even in bed. Walking is a great start but relearning to move in other ways really helps!

@syzygy thank you, I'll look him up! Its crazy to think I'm at a point in my life where I have to relearn how to move but its so true. While resting is relaxing, its a double edged sword


Sorry I’m super late on responding to this but wanted to add that I have chronic pain and activities like barre, yoga, and Pilates have been a big help for me with getting in shape in a way that minimizes pain. I try not to overdo it and listen to my body, taking modifications where I need them. I also use a foam roller after workouts and it really helps me tremendously with recovery and cutting down on post-workout pain. There are a lot of different kinds out there and there are also a lot of videos with instructions on how to use them online. For me the key is to start small and be patient in building upon my progress. You’ll get back to where you were before you know it!