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    Favorite Walking Shoe

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Would love some walking shoe recommendations! I currently have the Adidas Questar Flow NXT Shoes but I think they're intended for running. 

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    I loveeee my Hokas for walking!! I recently got a pair of Nike's and they don't compare. I will be going back to Hoka after this! 

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    I've never heard of those, I'll have to check them out!! @surfingob 

    I have to second the Hoka One Challenger - Trail running shoes! Admittedly, I was a skeptic for years, mostly because of the hokey style but they seem to have updated the profile a bit last year and once I finally gave it a try, I was sold! Super comfy.

    Try the brand called Altra. They are amazing and light weight, but very cushioned. They don’t look like the old ortho shoes, but they FEEL like them!


    My go-to trainer for walking is the brand On, model Cloud 5. LOVE these shoes! Another brand for lightweight and comfy walking shoes is AllBirds 🙂 


    I have 2 favorites I really love Camper.  My husband and I both wore Camper boots when we went to Paris last fall.  We walked about 10-12 miles a day for 10 days and our feet never hurt. I also love Allbirds.


    I highly recommend checking out a shoe store that specializes in helping you pick a good shoe for you. I thought I needed a shoe specifically for walking, but the guy at my local store helped me find a running shoe that's great for me (walking, not running). I have lots of foot problems (plantar fasciitis and morton's noroma - they sound super gross, but they're just painful not gross LOL). He watched me walk without shoes and then with the shoes that he picked out for me to try. I found a pair of New Balance running shoes that work really well for me and that I've had no pain at all in.


    Yes!! Loving all these suggestions! I would also recommend a few things. Consider the toe box, heel height, and stability factors of the shoe. If you've had a history of ankle issues, opting for more a "stability" is helpful while working on plan to address it. Otherwise check out the tread as well. I've heard great things about Adidas, New Balance, Asics, and Altra. Nike is great but tends to run narrow. Hokas are also a favorite for those who like the extra cushion. Shop around! Why not? 😉


    Hoka’s are the best walking shoes and worth every penny!


    Same with me, I need a good pair of shoes. I have a couple of pairs that I do wear when I walk and they feel pretty good, but now I need some that not only feel good for walking, but for my Diabetic feet as well.

    I just bought a pair of New Balance 990's and I have to say they are beter than any of the other shoes I have.  I have been walking 4-5 days a week about 6-8 miles and my feet have never felt this good. They have an orthosole and come in wide and extra wide which could be good for your diabetic feet.  



    I picked up a pair of Zamberlan Venice shoes many years ago and have resoled them twice after four season abuse in Minnesota. Superb comfort and support. I just won't give them up.

    Another pair I really like are Red Wing Weekender Chukkas after reading good reviews from this site. Well, that's the current name I guess. When I bought them many years ago they were just Chukkas.

    They seem to last and last.


    Love all the suggestions. Also look into men’s walking shoes as sometimes they have a wider toe box. 8 times out of 10 I now buy walking shoes in the men section. I love my sauconeys and I also wear on cloud and new balance. 


    I suggest getting fitted by fleet feet. They assess for free to determine what shoe aligns with your gait and foot width ect..   


    As an avid runner I'd suggest going to a runner shoe store. They have great technology that can tell what type of arch you have and also analyze your stride. Even if you don't purchase from them, you will walk away with get insight into your specific needs.  [PS I love Diadora] 


    I love my Hoka Clifton 9.  They are like walking on air.