Do I have to sweat to get a good workout?


When I have a busy day, I don't have time to exercise + shower + change. Sometimes it's squeezing a workout before errands or in between taking care of my mom. Are there exercises I can do that are effective without breaking a sweat?


hello! low impact core workouts are really where I find a good home workout without the heavy sweat if that’s what’s you’re looking for . Having just the yoga mat and yourself can be a good workout . Doing some sets of Russian twist can be good, planking for a minute or less, bicycle crunches and just doing a little set of each! For example I’ll do 4 sets of 20 reps of Russian twist, then plank for as long as I can for 4 sets and stretching in between . I’ll do all of that for at least a 30 minute- 45minute workout . Hope this helps!

Thank you @sotoalyssalol. I'll have to dust off my yoga mat and try this out!