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Do I have to sweat to get a good workout?


When I have a busy day, I don't have time to exercise + shower + change. Sometimes it's squeezing a workout before errands or in between taking care of my mom. Are there exercises I can do that are effective without breaking a sweat?


hello! low impact core workouts are really where I find a good home workout without the heavy sweat if that’s what’s you’re looking for . Having just the yoga mat and yourself can be a good workout . Doing some sets of Russian twist can be good, planking for a minute or less, bicycle crunches and just doing a little set of each! For example I’ll do 4 sets of 20 reps of Russian twist, then plank for as long as I can for 4 sets and stretching in between . I’ll do all of that for at least a 30 minute- 45minute workout . Hope this helps!

Thank you @sotoalyssalol. I'll have to dust off my yoga mat and try this out! 


1-10 minute microburst workouts throughout the day and week can lead to improved cardiorespiratory fitness, strength and mobility.  Your fitness level and health history dictate what exercises are safe so be sure to assess the quality of your movement when trying exercises out.   Use a wall for 1 min posture exercises like snow angels or wall slides, use a counter top, wall or floor for a quick set of push-ups.  Single leg balance work with arm movements or knee lifts or hinging take a minute and are superior to  just standing on one leg.  Investing in a few bands or tubing you can pull on to improve upper back strength is important to offset presses and push-ups.  SPRI handled tubing with a door strap is a great investment! 


No . . . no  . . . and no!!  There are so many ways to great workout without walking away drench (though that does feel great on days you have time to shower lol)

I love strength training workouts because I sweat WAY less then when I do Cardio.  Other great options . . . 20-30 minutes of booty and core!  Those are my absolute favorite, they pack a punch and I can look "fresh" pretty quickly after completing them.