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Hi everyone! My name is Guen, one of your Athleta Product Experts here to help you navigate your style and product needs. Finding the perfect postpartum and maternity clothes can be challenging. Your body is changing, and you need clothes that make y... 

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Thanks for posing this question. Overall I found athletic maternity and postpartum clothes to be limited in size, availability, color, and style. One thing I found difficult to find prenatal and postpartum was a good pair of workout shorts. I also wo... 

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I popped into the Athleta Flatiron store today looking for a little something new and cozy since we are heading out to the Hampton's this weekend. I ended up spending 1.5hrs trying on all sorts of things and wanted to share a few of my favorite finds... 

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For some reason I can receive the recording but not the video. 

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Our design team won't rest until everyone is sleeping well, and we're excited to expand our sleepwear collection this fall with these two nighttime rompers. Which of these two do you prefer — the Nighttime Bliss Sleep Romper [Cinched at Waist, Scoop ... 

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the second one, although I would probably wear it for lounging more than sleeping. 

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We're all soaking up summer right now, but we can't help but look forward to fall colors. Here's a sneak preview of brand new colors for fall. They're not available yet-- you're seeing them here first. Which are you most excited for? - Choose from A,... 

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VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. We all have our go-to pants and in July, our designers asked what was your favorite: flare pants, straight leg pants, joggers, or tights. You all answered and here is the feedback we heard. Out of 97 votes... 10% voted Flare Pan... 

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I'm between b and c. C is more casual for me and B I can actually dress up and feel more pulled together. Tights I use basically just for working out and I haven't quite gotten back to the flare. They are giving me real 2000's vibes that I'm not sure... 

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I see a lot of discussion about large chested women and fit, here's one for the smaller chested women. After breast feeding my children, I have nothing left. Athleta bras used to fit me perfectly. It's now disappointing to see how little my breast ti... 

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I appreciate your offer, I'm OK. I own a lot of Athleta clothes. A LOT! Haha. I just don't buy the bras anymore. 

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Hi AthletaWell fam! I’m Lindsay, and I’m part of the Merch team at Athleta. My team constantly raves about the Salutation Jogger, and I’ve seen them talked about here in AthletaWell. I’m not usually a “jogger” style pant gal, but last weekend I final... 

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Hi, This isn't about Salutation Joggers, but would love for you, as a Product Expert, to know that I'd LOVE to see the Metro line come back. I have herringbone ones and fleece lined ones from YEARS ago that have been washed and worn hundreds of times... 

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I LOVE the Incognita thongs but they aren’t sold anymore. Athleta- Are they going to come back? They’re my favorite underwear of all time and I have bought them as gifts for friends. They’re seriously the best but I’m I need of some new ones! Athleta... 

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Hey @shampson19, we loved the Incognita Undies too. If you can just hold on...we're launching new undies soon!! Stay tuned  

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