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I’m here for the pops of red, vibrant purple, and pale blue in the winter collection! They are so flattering and beautiful. Already purchased the Chakra Floral Red Elation tights and Solace bra.\n\nWhat are you most excited about in the winter collec... 

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That color is perfect for the season! Definitely looking into it for my winter workouts朗 

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It's not easy finding cute and supportive workout bras for larger chested women. These are my 3 favorites and they all come up size 3x D-DD. Warrior Longline Bra 

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32DDD and the S (D-DD) size works perfect for me. The conscious crop are one of my favorites, too! It’s so perfect for transitioning activities and keeping the girls IN the bra! Haha 

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I just had to post about this amazing new version of the coaster sweatshirt! The v neck version is amazing. I always prefer a v neck to a crew neck and it’s so flattering! Give it a try! Also I’d love to see more colors so I can own all of them  

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We love to hear that you are loving the coaster sweatshirt @jennj! We'll let our design team know you're feedback about more colors. Any specific colors you're ready to rock this season?? 

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Hi everyone! My name is Guen, one of your Athleta Product Experts here to help you navigate your style and product needs. Finding the perfect postpartum and maternity clothes can be challenging. Your body is changing, and you need clothes that make y... 

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I’m DYING for athleta to make a maternity line. I am the biggest supporter and fan of your DD range and honestly the pads in athleta sports bras are the only ones I like to actually keep in. I’ve been shopping around for maternity/nursing bras and I’... 

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Any way we could just get a link to other items styled in the catalogues? They’re always amazing! In particular the loafers and boots in the gleam tights? Photos below. Actually, this could be a win-win for athleta and customers if it’s like, hey, if... 

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Omg, I was just thinking the same thing!! I tried a reverse image search for the black Chelsea lug sole boots and couldn’t find the same ones! Please!! I need those boots! 

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Does anybody know who makes the boots on the model in this “pack your bags” email that just went out? So cute!! 


@Jackie_W if you are styling all of the catalogue looks, you are knocking it out of the park!  Could we just get a shoe guide  I’ll post a separate thread on the gleam tight shoes…  

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