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Anybody else need a two piece that looks like a one piece? I would really like to have a two-piece suit where the bottom is high waisted with moderate  high cut legs and a top that is just long enough to meet the waistband of the high cut bottoms at the smallest part of my middle. So it looks like almost a one piece with barely any skin showing if at all. This just gives you the functional practicality of a two piece but I don’t understand low-cut bottoms I want that pooch area to be sucked in and low-cut bottoms are not flattering so your normal tankini is no Bueno for me.So I’m wondering Athleta have you guys tried making one of these and if not how about now? Thanks! PS make it in pretty prints not just boring black, or at least mix and match print tops with the boring black bottom 


Community Manager
Community Manager

This is great feedback @ZZmommi! Going to see if our Athleta product expert @Guen_E has any ideas for ya! I like 2 piece swimsuits, but I def prefer something more flattering and modest. With the summer heat coming to an end, I want to go out with a bang!