Please offer inclusive sizing for swimwear


I've been a long time customer and have been pleased to see the improvements Athletes had made with offering inclusive sizing. I also love seeing mannequins of all sizes in the store and models of all sizes on the website.

But... (eye roll) Your swimwear continues to only be available in a limited range of sizes. It is time to offer inclusive sizes here, too!

I look forward to this and am happy to share more feedback. 


Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

Hi @ahbtulsa72, thank you so much for bringing this up! Swim is currently a top priority, but we do want to ensure the fits are perfected before we launch! We appreciate your patience and understanding. But stay turned, because we are on it 😎

This is wonderful news, I cannot wait to see the offerings!

I was about to ask the same thing as @ahbtulsa72 I’m glad Athleta is working on this. Also the Venice skort size is only going to 14? Or it so 16? Either way I’m above that so was wondering if it will eventually come in the inclusive sizes? Thank you Athleta for so much inclusive sizing. I thoroughly enjoyed the SECRET code sale and eagerly awaiting many items. It was great that a lot of the higher sizes were still there. I felt like a bandit 🤣.