Mountain bike wear

Hello you beautiful Athleta people! I’m writing requesting that you start making mountain biking wear for us ladies! There’s some companies out there but I know you could do it better. I’m tired of LONG shorts on my 5’2” athletic and curvy body. I hate that almost all if the pads ride up my cha cha and give me camel toe. I hate that I’m a petite girl and I have to buy larges in shirts and they’re still super tight. I hate that the shirts have dumb squiggly lines on them. I want to be able to walk into a place to grab lunch and a beer after a ride and not look like a woman dressed in men’s clothes … I could go on and on. I’m currently wearing one of your surf, zip up, half cap sleeves and it’s my favorite. Any hoo … please help. Sincerely, Not quite as amazingly dressed as I’d like to be, One of many Colorado mountain bike girls, (And Athleta credit card holders!) Steph_B