So where’s those 5-7 inch inseam shorts?

I LOVE ❤️ ❤️❤️ Athleta!! I’ve been promoting Athleta since I received my first catalog. Then to my surprise, a store was opening 😳!!! Guess what,  I was part of a group of amazing women that opened that 13th location just 10 years ago!!! 

Well my journey in fitness as an adult started 20 years ago. I underwent gastric bypass, changed my entire life. To lose over 150lbs. Here I am at 44, and I’m constantly  in search of  shorts, and ways to camouflage my extra skin, especially in my thighs. Now I’m only ‘5,3”! I’m petite, have short legs. So Bermuda Shorts are out of the question. But I search every year for that perfect length. That perfect length has to be between 5”-7” long! Anything longer, I might as well call it a knicker, anything shorter, I get the “looks”. I’m a 0-2 Petite and XSP in Athleta. My search for shorts has resulted in buying Lululemon (for the first time EVER) last year. With their track that 5 inch short. But I want my shorts to match the 80% of clothing I already own! This is more than a modesty issue, or a grown woman issue, this is my life issue. I know PLENTY!!!! Of women that want the same. I own probably 10 different skorts from Athleta, but sometimes you’d much rather just wear shorts… please bring in my favorite pants, and joggers, like #Brooklyn in with at least a 5-6 inch inseam!!!! I know I’ve seen some in the past. But none this year, and I don’t want to be limited to board shorts. I’m advocate, promoter and loyal customer! Excitingly enough, the small town I live in now is getting an Athleta!!  So all my preaching in fitness attire will be able to make others dreams come true like you did mine. But the shorts 🤷🏼‍♀️, since I can basically wear shorts all year long, I’d like to wear your shorts!!!


Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

Hi @Katyfm10, thank you for being apart of the Athleta family this long! We appreciate your support and hear your feedback on the length of our shorts. I'll pass this to our style and design team to take away.  Thank you for sharing ❤️