Help! Leggings for my hike this weekend


My girlfriends are coming into town this weekend (I'm so excited!!), and we are going on a hike on Saturday morning. I want to get a new pair of Athleta leggings for the hike - what are your favorite Athleta leggings to wear when hiking?



Hi @surfingob  While I won’t say I necessarily like these for hiking; I will say that I wear the Salutation 7/8 stash pocket for EVERYTHING. I like them for yoga because they are snug without feeling like compression. I like the high waist because they look cute with Athleta’s crop tips like Conscious Crop and they are stable enough to wear running- they don’t fall down or bunch at the ankles. Yes I have worn them hiking , and out to dinner, and to the supermarket. I suppose I need one for every day of the week! 


i love the Salutation stash pocket capris because i can stash my phone! Also they're buttery soft. 

Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

Hi @surfingob, a hike with friends sounds like so much fun, especially going into the new season! I think the Headlands Hybrid Cargo II Tight is the best gal for the job. Great for hiking and comes in 3 colors + sizing for regular, petite, and tall. Plus it comes with SIX pockets 😍

I hope you have the best time with your girlfriends and let me know if you try out the tights!


Hi @surfingob!  I've hiked extensively in the Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tights.  I haven't tried the new version that @Guen_E recommended, but they seem fantastic.  Consider the terrain that you'll be hiking in; the last thing you want is to get snags or tears in a pair of yoga leggings from brush or rocky outcrops.


Headlands hybrid cargo - the perfect pant ! 


Hikers generally don't wear leggings! Not saying you can't, but they are not going to protect you from snagging branches, or rocks/roots, if you trip and fall. And of course, your leggings will be ruined. Athleta makes hiking pants, or at least they used to. I have 4 pairs, 2 are for warm or cooler weather, one is for winter, and one capri length that are good for 3 seasons. If you are really set on leggings, then the Headlands Hybrid cargo would be my choice.


Depending on the landscape of the hike, I like Salutation Stash Pocket tight or Headlands hybrid tight if there is a lot of brush or dirt- both function great and are comfortable 


When hiking, I prefer joggers.  The quest joggers are super comfortable and have pockets for extra stash!