Frustrated by lack of full-length leggings?


I'm curious if anyone else is as frustrated as me at the lack of full-length leggings for high-intensity workouts.

I have dark hair on my legs, and I can't shave every single day! I just want to be able to throw on a pair of leggings and go, without worrying about anything else.

(I also prefer patterned leggings to solid colors, as they hide any bumps more easily, but that seems to be a difficult thing to find as well.)

It's odd because I have a drawer of older, full-length Athleta leggings that I adore, and I don't remember having an issue finding them. If they weren't getting threadbare from use, I'd keep wearing them forever, but now that it's time to replace them... I'm not sure if Athleta is the place for me anymore.


Is anyone else having this issue? Or am I alone in feeling this way?



You're not alone! I prefer full length tights too (I also don't feel like shaving often enough to let those ankles out!). I just did a search and filtered by Length > full length and found a bunch of options here:


BUT, there are only solid colors. That being said, I find the black ones do a really good job hiding anything you may want to smooth over. I particularly like the high rise "elation" ones.


... this has been a fun lunch break distraction... now back to work and maybe some shopping 😉 




Thanks! It's good to know the black ones are cellulite-friendly too!

Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

Hi @JLHynum thank you for bringing this to our attention, this is really good feedback! I also wanted to provide you with some full length tight options that are great for everyday:


Try out our Salutation Stash Pocket Tight. For a patterned option, check out the Printed Salutation Stash Pocket Tight.


If you want a cleaner look with no pockets, the Elation Tight is a good option as well. Comes in the Textured Tight pattern as well as a Ribbed Style.


Another option could be ordering the 7/8 Salutation and Elation Tights in styles you like but ordering in Tall sizing which will add 3 inches in length. I hope this helps!!

Thanks, Guen! Are the Elation and Salutation tights good for high-intensity training, like CrossFit and running, as well? I just noticed their descriptions say they're for yoga and studio practice.

Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

You're welcome @JLHynum! For more high intensity / full sweat training, the Ultimate Stash Pocket 7/8 or the Elation Train 7/8 is your best bet. Our Elation Train is made with SuperSonic fabric and supportive compression. Ordering this in Tall should help with the length.


But I did hear from our designers (hush hush information) that the Ultimate Stash Pocket Tight will be coming out in full length at the end of fall! If you want, we can remind you when they drop?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I do a lot of running and high intensity in the Salutation tights (and love them!). I actually prefer the soft and stretchy nature for my long runs and strength workouts. 


I too like long tights. Whenever possible, I order the tall tights. I already have long legs, and I would like for them to come down to my ankle or below.

Same! Ordering them in tall helps a little bit, but they still aren't quite long enough to actually hit your ankle for us already tall girls!


I totally agree with this. I'm between 5'9 and 5'10 so right smack dab between normal leggings length and the tall being able to work. I prefer longer length with print as well, I haven't been seeing many fun prints and patterns lately in full length offerings. I'd love to see some more Lightning tight or Contender re-releases in some prints and patterns for high intensity training. 


This made me smile because the 7/8 length is pretty much full length on me.  I’m 5’5” so petites are too short, but many of the regular length were a tad too long.  When the 7/8 length came out I was like, “hallelujah!”  😆.  I agree with you about wanting a full length legging due to not shaving every day.  Hope you can find more. 

Yes yes ---full length for sure and high waisted.  Athleta  please make "elation full length" in more colors. I know they're on the website but they are always sold out or don't really exist. I don't want to have to buy another brand.

And yes black is great for hiding imperfections such as a c -section scar but other dark colors will work as well. Maybe navy, plum, dark green, graphite....What do you think Athleta???


I agree!  I love leggins that are so long they bunch up on the bottom.