Footwear guide?

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Any way we could just get a link to other items styled in the catalogues? They’re always amazing! In particular the loafers and boots in the gleam tights? Photos below. Actually, this could be a win-win for athleta and customers if it’s like, hey, if you like this footwear, it’s from X… and X gives athleta a little something for sales directed to them. And customers (like me!!) are happy because we can duplicate looks. 😁 Anyway business talk aside… I need these shoes/boots! DiscussionImage DiscussionImage DiscussionImage

Omg, I was just thinking the same thing!! I tried a reverse image search for the black Chelsea lug sole boots and couldn’t find the same ones! Please!! I need those boots!

I did find a good pair of black patent loafers at DSW (25% off!)- Dr. Scholls “Webster Wedge Loafer”! I think they’ll look good w the moto gleam tights. I’m always looking for a good winter shoe that isn’t a sneaker and doesn’t look frumpy with leggings. Birks in the spring/summer 😎😅