Bring back the flowy Breezy Tee

I just love the fabric in your Breezy Tee line of shirts. 💚 Several years ago I ordered a loose fitting, flowy tank with a slight cut out in the upper back. I have worn this dozens of times in the hot tropical sunny days and I love it! You recently had another ‘Breezy’ shirt that was a great style other than just a plain straight down tee, it was the ‘Stratus Tee Breezy’ it’s close to a dolman fit and I love it. It’s a little boxy at the bottom since dolmans tend to go in, but it’s still great! I ordered two of them since I loved my other so much! The material is a bit heavier than expected, but it is still light and thin and perfect for hot tropical weather! It’s the only tee shirt type thing I have that doesn’t stick to you or get sweat marks all over it when it’s so hot and humid. Please please please bring more doleman type of shirts in the Breezy material to the lineup!

Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

Love to hear this! Thank you for your feedback @Solarpowergirl, I'll pass this onto our design team 🙂