Advertisements for people with health conditions or disabilities


I love training and racing triathlons in Athleta gear. I look through the catalogues with my daughter and would LOVE to see women with health conditions or disabilities in the gear. I personally have Type 1 Diabetes and have found the pockets in Athleta shorts and leggings are perfect for my insulin pump. I race and train in the ultimate stash pocket shorts and it has been an awesome game changer for me in terms of conveniently managing my diabetes. If anyone from Athleta marketing sees this, please consider adding more models with health conditions or disabilities. I would love to be paging through with my daughter and be able to show her someone like me!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the feedback @T1Dathlete! We’re committed to inclusivity and supporting healthy, active, confident women and girls -- no matter their size, race, background or physical ability. We truly do see power in all bodies, and aim to represent that in our marketing. We will pass this along to our marketing team because this is great to hear.


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