In this class, I'll take you through 20-minutes of strength training intervals followed by short intervals of rest, to build a sweat and leave you feeling powerful using just your own bodyweight. And the best part? The entire class is low-impact and friendly on your joints, making it the perfect fit for those looking to dive back into a fitness routine or move without the extra jumping and impact.


Stay post-class for a Q&A session where I answered all of your burning questions like:

- What are the best exercises to support osteoporosis?

- What's the best way to fuel before and after your workouts?

- What's the deal with intermittent fasting? Is it right for me?

- How do I best support muscle recovery after a workout?


Community Manager, @Vanessa, also puts me in the hot seat with some rapid fire questions asking my favorite exercises, if I prefer free weights or machines, and my #1 advice for beginners.


Jump into this low-impact sweat with me and comment below...


Team Squats or Team Lunges?

Free Weights vs Machines

At-Home Workout vs Gym Workout?


I hope you enjoy the class, I had so much fun! If you couldn't make it, ask me your questions below. Strength training is important at every age and I hope that we as a Community can support each other!!