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    best workout supplements?


    I'm back at the gym looking to tone and lose some weight. Does anyone have recommendations on supplements to take to help? I've heard creatine and pre-workout helps but kind of lost on what's necessary/the best brands

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    The key for toning and losing weight is focusing on overall nutrition.  Simple changes add up over trendy pre-workout supplements or protein powders. If you are looking to improve your body's ability to process energy and release fat stores, then focus on simple swaps.  If you need help you can reach out to me for some suggestions.  I love the juice plus+ products as a place to start to add in foundational nutrition and help support better eating.  they also have free recipes and habit plans and amazing plant based shakes!  keli.juiceplus.com if you want to check it out

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    So cool you're back at the gym, how has it been for you lately @GoodbyeVal? You bring up a really Q, @Chris_F,  do you have any supplements you love that you could recommend?

    Hi there @GoodbyeVal !! SO there are a few things that could help.  I'm a believer in food first - supplement second... so eating a healthy daily diet is absolutely key to getting your vitamins and minerals needed for your body and muscles to operate properly.. BUT I do use a few supplements myself that I will mention:  I am personally not a fan of creatine for women - it just holds water in the muscles and makes you feel bloated ... there is more to it - but not my fav supplement for females.  

    Electrolytes:  For me – this is a pre-workout. Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium can help fuel your workouts but I’m not a fan of sugary Gatorade type drinks. I use a NUUN tablet every morning in my water and I feel like it helps!

    Protein:  I make a whey protein shake post-workout – I workout in the morning and it’s my breakfast – plus whey protein Is high in BCAA’s – good for muscle repair.  Of course plant based proteins are also good depending on what you prefer.

    Athletic Greens: I use AG1 daily for my vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens … and it tastes amazing.  Some people use it in the morning … I use in the afternoons for energy – it’s delicious which is surprising because most greens drinks taste horrible.   www.athleticgreens.com/chrisfreytag

    Fish Oil:  I do take Omega 3 fish oil – I love fish but living in MN – I don’t cook it in the winter as much – so I take a supplement – good for bodily functions and muscles/ joints, etc. 

    Vit D:  Important for lots of processes in the body – I can tell when I’m low on Vit D – my energy wanes ….


    Hope this list helps!!



    Would be curious to know what (if anything) you’ve tried in the past! Would recommend adding in more protein into your diet, as it’s crucial for building muscle. Happy to recommend some brands!


    Hi there @GoodbyeVal  and @Vanessa . Yes so I am a big believer in food first supplement second… What I mean is it’s really important that you eat a healthy daily diet when trying to support your workouts, weight loss, healthy lifestyle etc. But that being said, supplements can be very helpful and I do take several.

    Electrolytes: I use electrolytes as a pre- and during- workout drink. Sodium, magnesium, and potassium can help give you extra energy. But I’m not a fan of sugary drinks like Gatorade. I use a NUUN tablet in my water bottle and it seems to make a difference for me.

    Protein: I use weight protein as a post workout. I work out in the morning so a protein shake is my go to breakfast. It’s important to feed your muscles after a workout to help with muscle recovery. I prefer whey protein which is most readily used by your muscles because it is high in the BCAAs. However there are many good plant-based protein powders if that interests you.

    Greens: I use AG1 Greens every day. It has replaced a multivitamin for me. It is filled with super foods, vitamins minerals, probiotics, and adaptogens. A lot of people like something like this in the morning. I tend to drink it in the afternoon for energy. It’s the only greens drink that I think actually tastes delicious. If you want to check it out you can check it out here. www.athleticgreens.com/chrisfreytag

    Vit  D  - I really notice a difference when I am low on vitamin D in terms of my energy in my workouts. I live in a cold-weather climate where I don’t get a lot of real sun so it’s important to supplement.

    Fish oil. Again, I live in the Midwest where we don’t have a lot of fresh fish. I eat a lot of seafood in the summer but in the winter I do supplement with fish oil. Which is great for so many bodily functions,  muscles etc.

    I don’t take any of the crazy caffeinated pre-workout type drinks they don’t really do anything for me and I don’t care for all of the additives, food coloring, etc. I hope this helps if you have any questions let me know!!


    I use the Nuun podium line. I like that they have options that are with or without caffeine. My medication dehydrates me so I need all of the electrolytes I can get.


    Creatine is a well-studied supplement for performance and recovery, so I think that's a great choice! I would just be careful with the pre-workout you end up choosing. They can include A LOT of caffeine. Caffeine isn't evil, but sometimes the dose found in pre-workout drinks pushes the limits of safety. For the same reasons that you should avoid energy drinks, it's best to be cautious with pre-workout.


    Beyond that, I want to echo some of the recommendations already mentioned in the thread--I started taking vitamin D on a whim and when I told my doctor, she was very pleased! Apparently a lot of women don't get nearly enough from dietary sources. I recently started tracking some of my food intake on Cronometer, and I was shocked by how little vitamin D I was eating, even though I eat pretty balanced diet that includes meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. It's such an important micronutrient, especially as we age, so I'm glad I have the supplement.


    It might be a good idea to consult with a registered dietician if your goal is to lose weight! Registered dieticians have extensive education in nutrition and official certification that nutritionists don't have to have. It's their job to give you safe, effective, personalized advice. A lot of health insurance plans cover them as well.


    Healthy food is number one.  As far as supplements to help, the best I've ever taken and the best, lasting results are Plexus.  They have clean, plant based supplements, meal replacement shakes and clean energy and hydration drinks that are delicious and do not make you crash and burn.  EXCELLENT!!!  Contact me if interested.


    Please consult with a registered dietitian to understand what your body needs, what supplements are truly evidence-based and safe, and how to implement changes sustainably. I'm happy to offer recommendations based on your geographic area and/or dietitians who practice virtually. 


    Collagen before workouts helps with recovery and decreasing long term risk of tendon/muscle tears.

    Hi there!

    I have a few recommendations! I am a doctor of physical therapy and do some digital weightloss coaching. There are some supplements that are a good compliment to a strong and consistent fitness routine. Creatine is a really safe and helpful supplement, but it doesn't directly aid in weight loss. It's more for muscle strength and endurance.

    Here are my recommendations:

    1) a high quality grassfed protein powder. I recommend Promix. shop it here 
    2) a probiotic. I recommend the brand Thorne (Floramend Prime Probiotic) to most of my clients. Their products are great quality and third party tested. I have my own Thorne pharmacy. You can get a 15% discount on all supplements here. https://www.thorne.com/u/funxionalpt 
    3) daily protein intake of 1g/protein per pound of goal body weight

    4) 35-50 g of fiber per day

    I post a lot of reccommendations on my instagram account as well. @funxional_pt

    Hope this helps!

    - Dr. Michelle Gaubert