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    Weak Knees


    Randomly when I walk or standup, I find that my knees buckle or crack. It's not painful, but its definitely a shock lol. Are there stretches or workouts I can do to help strengthen my knees?

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    I have some knee instability as well. It caused me to have an injury as a teenager where my patella subluxated and tore/strained my meniscus. I had to do PT and during the treatment, they went over all the exercises I should do to build stability around the entire joint.


    There was a lot of focus on strengthening the quad muscle. Hamstrings were involved too, but I would say that I was doing more quad work overall. It wasn't anything complicated--mainly I remember my therapist saying that if I spent 30 minutes on a stationary bike (with resistance) everyday, he'd be happy. That's going to do a lot of work on the quads, but a lot of accessory muscles as well.


    My patella has subluxated multiple times since then, but now that I've started working out regularly and lifting heavy, it hasn't happened in quite some time. I would really recommend talking to your doctor about your knee problems and see if physical therapy might be helpful for you, because everyone's bodies are different.



    It sounds like you need a good physical therapist! Someone that can assess your body individually and come up with a plan for you to gain strength, stability, and prevent further injury!

    I am actually a physical therapist and see clients like you all the time! The right approach will be life changing! I post a lot of advice on my instagram account @funxional_pt

    Hope that helps!

    -Dr. Michelle Gaubert


    Hi daranij
    Just curious if you have found help for your knees?
    I agree with the previous response, the right strengthening program

    should help you knees feel more stable.
    If you are still looking for help let me know. I work with women like you 

    all the time with great success!