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    Training with protien restrictions


    Hello all!  I have chronic kidney disease. I've recently started back weight training, after a particular bad acute episode. My doctor has restricted my protien to no more than 60 grams a day. I'm 140 lbs, and typically to build muscle...I know 1 gram of protien per pound of body weight. Is it possible to build muscle with less protien? Are there other foods that can help with building muscle? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

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    Hi, @StephanieS567 - I’m not qualified to answer your questions accurately but I didn’t want to scroll past your post without saying hello! My suggestion is to seek out a Registered Dietitian that helps active women/female athletes. She can be a valuable part of your healthcare circle and provide you with science-based answers. And then there are the meal plans that help you reach your goals while caring for your body. Take care and enjoy the weekend!