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Hey all, 

I'm new to this space and wondering if anyone has any good (budget-friendly) resources for weightlifting? I used to work out with a trainer at the gym and that got me to the point of a) actually enjoying lifting heavy weights and b) marginally more comfortable going into the weight room/section of gyms. Sadly, I can't afford to work with my trainer anymore and the weight room is still slightly overwhelming for me, so I'm looking for any beginner-friendly weight workout guides, tips, resources (articles, apps, groups, etc.) to help make this transition a bit easier. Thanks for any help 🙂 



Try the FitOn app they have tons of free strength training workouts 

I weight lift at home and love it. 

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Hey there @DanaLS. I'm sure our Strength Training Guide @Chris_F would have some good tips and tricks for weightlifting that could help you out!

Hi  @DanaLS  - SOO - first in terms of equipment - who knew there would be a shortage on toilet paper and dumbbells with the pandemic - but - it's hard to find equipment - try facebook marketplace for used dumbbells - I've seen great deals!  Second - I do run a very female friendly on line program for women like you to strength train at home.  I am all about education; helping meet you at your level and progress slowly and safely; and make it fun!!  I run a streaming service and we have over 500 workouts - and we add new ones every month.  Our members are approx 35-65 years old - and we focus on strength training .... I've been doing this for 30years 🙂 !!   SOO - check out the website - you can see previews of the strength workouts led by me and my training staff.  You can sort by beginner, low impact, high intensity, etc.  AND - I am a believer in having a good instructor so you are safe but motivated.  You can stream the workouts on your big screen tv or on your phone, laptop, etc.   Anyway - we give a crazy good deal for the first year of membership - $3 for the whole year - so very affordable ... anyway - if interested check it out and if you want you can message me for more information.  I just think you have to trust your online trainer and you need to be motivated to stay consistent!!


Saving this info for myself!!!!!!!!!

Add VickyTheFitChick on IG!

Heather Robertson on YouTube

I really like Heather Robertson. She has a weight loss program (actually a workout program that helps lean out your body). Most of my friends have purposely tried and have lost weight on her program(s). That’s not my point, just mentioning as a place to start. Otherwise, she also has an extensive library for low impact, or HIIT, w/weights or not, Metcon or no repeats,… you get the gist! You WILL find many options in her array of workouts to achieve your fitness goals. My Athleta mgr did her workout program and lost 20 lbs— all during Covid. (I’m not certain of the length of the program, and there are possibly more than one, but I think it was 2 weeks and she repeated twice.) That said, I do her workouts e/o/d. Wish I could say I’ve lost weight. I’m post menopausal and a healthy weight. Heather’s workouts have made me much stronger with lean muscles. 


I have found inexpensive weights at thrift stores. 


Totally understand the struggle with finding equipment! FYI I would recommend a set of 8-25 lb kettlebells. Kettlebells are AWESOME because you can do some quicker movements with them for higher heart rate goals, do some stability work for wrist/shoulder strength, and they also take up less space. I bought a 20 lb one and I did a lot with it over the last year! I would also recommend a set of pull up resistance bands. They sell tons of these on amazon but you can do a LOT with these that take up minimal space 🙂


Everything @Chris_F & @Leada_M said, especially about where to find great teachers and tutorials! But as far as purchasing equipment, I also got a set of small weights on Amazon (like 3, 5, 😎 which I love and are don't take up much space as they come with a cute stand. Another option for space-saving is resistance bands. Tie them to a door handle and voila! 


Aside from FitOn which has already been recommended I highly recommend Maddy Forbergs program. It's 16 a month and I mad eelaos and bounds in my lifting doing it. 


Hi Dana,

would you be able to reach out to your trainer and ask him/her if they would please write down your program that you were doing that way you have a guide. I do that with my clients all the time also if you find yourself in need of a reminder you can always approach a floor trainer and ask for help.