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    Rebuilding strength after illness.


    Hi, has anyone here rebuilt their strength after a Lupus flare up? My muscles have really atrophied, has anyone else here got experience with this? I love Athleta UPF 50+ clothing! I love minimizing my sun exposure in style. I do my best to maintain an active lifestyle and UPF 50+ is extremely helpful. So is knowing that I look great while I am taking good care of myself, it boosts my mood.

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    hi! Yes I’ve had issues post flares with muscle strength and mobility. I use an exercise ball to keep core strength up and do very low impact movements. I also have small things like an under desk elliptical and small free weights. It’s not easy, I wish you luck finding something to help!

    Thank you Brandy! I hadn't thought of an under desk elliptical that is brilliant. Do you have an opinion on hand held weights vs wrist/ankle strap on weights? I have wondered if holding the weights makes joint inflammation worse, better or neither. 


    Collagen before workouts (and after ideally) helps with recovery and minimizes risk for tears and joint pain. I've seen some research and testimonials about collagen and autoimmune diseases; it all seems positive. Consult with your MD of course, but collagen is really "a must" for active people.