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Half marathon training help


I’m just starting training for my first half marathon and am told strength training is really important in addition to the running. Does anyone have at-home workout strength training ideas?


Running training tips in general are welcome!!  I’m just hoping I can run most of the way. Not looking for speed yet!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Congrats @mmyogabeach2  for wanting to run your first half marathon! I think @Chris_F may have some good at-home strength training workouts up her sleeve...


Good luck, I know you're going to crush it!!

Good job training for a half marathon. Not only is it a great way to build up your cardiovascular health. But most likely you set a goal and it will feel really good to crush it!! While you are doing so much cardio it is important to maintain some strength training.  Kind of interesting because we are in the process of creating a running/strength training 28 the calendar for our GET HEALTHY U TV Community. It is a common question we get from runners. Doing some sort of total body strength training at least two sessions a week is what I recommend to heavy duty runners. If it is new to you you should start with lower weights and work up with baby steps. but as a female do not be afraid of heavier weights. You will get stronger not bulky. Stronger muscles, joints and bones.! My website has lots of free 10 minute workouts for upper, lower, core and total body strength!!! Feel free to follow along with a couple of those workouts throughout your week!!


for at-home strength training tips, I recommend lifting weights and using resistance bands--and incorporating both into your daily routine! There are also a ton of great strength training videos on You-tube


Hi!   Enjoy this time and preparation- it’s as much mental as physical.  I love 15k distance and half marathons.   I use Peleton at home workouts or Apple fitness workouts.  But there are at home workouts right on this platform that you can use for free.  Think 2/3 a week strength workouts  with or opposite days of your running plan.  Yoga is a great strength tool.  So don’t underestimate it and it will help with the tightness that running creates through your legs.  Have fun and enjoy your race!!!


I'm a physical therapist who works with first time marathoners all the time.  I agree with another poster about Peloton strength workouts- they have tons of workouts, have a great variety and may even have run specific strength workouts.  The app is very affordable and you can sign up & use it even without their equipment.  One piece of advice: Don't miss a run and then add double up on the weekend- plan your run days throughout the week and try to stick to them.  Recovery is just as important as your training runs, so you need those days in between to let your legs relax.  Core and hip workouts are great (pilates, planks, etc) but I would also look into mobility and yoga workouts for those recovery days.  


Runner's world is a good resource for info and inspiration as well.


Good luck!

Trish Stallone DPT