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Getting started again…


I used to do obstacle races as my end goal to get me moving. The pandemic and working in healthcare made me lose my energy. Intellectually know working out is good for me , but having a hard time motivating myself.


Community Manager
Community Manager

The pandemic has really changed course for a lot of people. But I applaud and thank you for working in the healthcare industry, we would not be where we are know without all of you.


Losing energy makes total sense, you are giving your all every day. Maybe re-evaluating what your movement goals are for where you are in life may help motivate you. But I'm really here to say that I understand; I've lost a lot of motivation to move as well because I'm just trying to stay afloat. Our body positivity Guide @Margeaux_H has some great resources on how to get motivated, maybe these tips can help you @Judy (and me as well 🙂




Struggling to keep consistency in your routine? >


Thank for your work in the healthcare industry!  I find it motivating to make movement fun and/or team up with a friend who will help you stay accountable.  The fitness community I'm in has a lot of women as accountability buddies for workouts and it is wild how we tend to show up more when we don't want to let someone else down but also as a bonus we are showing up for ourselves!


First of all, thank you for all the ways you’ve put yourself at risk for others through the pandemic. We are all endebted to spirits like you. I’m sure it was, and still is, a mental marathon every day. And sometimes we aren’t up for a second marathon in our day. Exercise is supposed to be an escape, a release, and sometimes a way to relax. When your mental vision of what “working out” becomes demotivating, it’s time to change your vision of exercise. Choose an exercise that makes you look forward to it. A long walk is as good as a short run. 20 minutes of strength training can make a big impact. 30 minutes of yoga can help clear your mind and stretch some overworked muscles. And maybe after you finish, you’ll be motivated to do more. Let go of the marathon in your mind. You don’t have to exercise at a certain level or in a specific way for it to “count.”  You just have to move.