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Where do you get your jewelry from?

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Community Manager

Looking for trendy + quality jewelry brands! I love gold jewelry and recently got a few earrings from Mejuri and a forever bracelet from a local small business called Make Pie Not War, but looking to expand my collection. Really trying to get long-lasting, timeless pieces I won't regret buying later!


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I’m loving it


Oooh - I love jewelry! 


Below are some of the places I've been shopping:

- Ana Luisa 

- Etsy! So many great vendors there. I like Ferkos Fine Jewelry 

- Cat Bird 

- Ana Luisa 

- Maison Miru 


I also have one nicer necklace from Vrai which has lab-grown diamonds! 

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Thank you for the recs!! I also love the support for small businesses on Etsy - thank you @lauren 

Etsy is always good! Also my family friend has a jewelry brand called Dee Berkeley Jewelry, she’s extremely successful with it and her stuff is beautiful! Great if you like gold and supporting small businesses! The website is you should check it out! 🙂

Everything looks beautiful!! Thanks for sharing her website, I may have to do some "light" shopping @katelynrose 😉


This is my time to shine! (lol)
For demi-fine/fine:
-I second Meijuri and CatBird
-Article 22

-Awe Inspired
-Automic Gold (for solid gold)

If you're looking for more like gold fill/gold-plated and sterling, I recommend:
-Hello Adorn

-Kei Jewelry

-Kozakh Jewelry

-Dea Dia

If brass is your thing, I'd go for:
-Heron and Lamb (offers some gold/gold-plated jewelry as well)
-fair trade shops like Ten Thousand Villages, Fair Anita, and Mata Traders


And last but not least, if you like beaded bracelets, Little Words Project and Lotus Sky Jewelry are great!

You have a whole list ready!! Thank you so much for compiling this for us @LaVraieDre.  My collection is still pretty small but after glancing at these brands I think I may need a new jewelry organizer when I'm done 🤣