Styling the Presidio dress

I bought the presidio dress in Victorian Periwinkle last season and am planning to take it on vacations this summer. But I want to try it belted for a different look. What color/type/width of belt would look good with this dress? I’m thinking high-waist emphasis. Also what bras are we wearing with it? I have been changing my straight strap bra to cross back, but I would love to avoid underwires while on vacation. 😉

Community Manager
Community Manager

Omg where are you vacationing this summer? I can totally imagine throwing the presidio dress on over my swimsuit to go to the beach! I like your thinking on a belt moment (+knowing the best bra is always key!) - I'll reach out to our style team and see if they have any insight @Birding_babe

I’m going to Puerto Rico and Ecuador this summer. And it definitely works as a coverup for the beach, but I think a belt would elevate it for a nice dinner out. The belt would need to sit high to avoid making the pockets inaccessible though. Gotta have pockets.