Share! Black Women-Owned Brands to Support

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In honor of Black History Month, we want to highlight Black Women-Owned brands that you love or recently have discovered! Supporting Black Women-Owned brands is more than a movement, its a lifestyle. Your support not only creates more opportunities, but empowers local communities.


Ways you can support Black Women-Owned brands:

  • Buying and Shopping at Black businesses
  • Sharing these businesses with your social circles
  • Write and share reviews
  • Be intentional - support all year long, not just Black History Month


Use the comments below to share your favorite businesses, brands, products, influencers, services, etc. Also use the comments to ask for recommendations or ways you can support! You never know what business you may find, or who you may reach, so don't be shy! This thread is to show love, support, and visibility, so let's get it started ❤️




A family friend of mine has a business called Nubian Queen NB where she sells natural self care items like shea butter, body scrubs, hyluranic acid, bath salts, etc. 

Woah this sounds divine! Definitely checking her out, thanks @NillaMarie!

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Community Manager

Here are some of my tops:

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Magic Wine by the McBride Sisters

Miiriya - a Black owned market place

Telfar Bags - honorable mention because they are Black Queer-Owned; I REALLY want a bag but they're always sold out!


I also follow Kiva Brent for interior design inspo (IG/YT), Jackie Aina for beauty (IG/YT), and AftroTech for career development (IG)!!


One of my colleagues Lashonda Jones women's health physical therapist and she's a great resource for diastasis recti, c-section, and post-partum fitness! Her instagram is linked HERE.


I recently received a gift box (from a company I supported last year), from It was so cool! A mix of products from black-owned companies, including a pen and notebook, teas, and a candle. Such a creative idea for supporting a mix of Black-owned businesses! 


And the coffee shop I work from a few days a week purchases their salsa from "Black Girl Salsa". It may be local, so anyone in CO, check that out! 🙂 


Love this!  So many amazing Women Owned Black businesses to share!  From Fashion and Beauty to Lifestyle & Wellness, Check them out!


Indigio Style Vintage

Black Girls Sew

Life Wellness Center

A Rae of Light Candles

Helen and Dorothy Soaps

BK Yoga Club


Absolutely Maybe

ABOX Collective