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Not allowing price adjustments

I placed a large online order of 13 sale items five days before the additional 30% off sale promo but they won’t price adjust… why not Athleta?? I am an icon rewards card member and now need to go through the hassle to return everything I purchased and rebuy it all with the discount. Feels like that has to cost more money in the long run for Athleta than adjusting the price. Anyone else think this is not good customer policy?

100% agreed. I will return it and rebuy it if they don’t adjust the price. If they think I won’t go thru the hassle, they are wrong. Like you said, will be cheaper for them to just do it.

 Same shit just happened to me. The rep said they couldn’t make the adjustment because my order had been already shipped. I don’t see the point. They could’ve just given us the credits that would make us to buy more. I’m just going to return everything to a store without bothering to reorder.

I’ve been through the exact same scenario before with other brand too many times so I ditched them. Great customer support helps keep clients coming back. I just literally became Athleta customer a few days ago so, I hope they would change the policy quick though.