Getting into crops?

The iconic ATHLETA Concious Crop D-DD+ has been and has continued to be a product both useful and impactful in my wardrobe. No really. To imagine myself in anything cropped ever was an absolute no for most of not my whole life. I am broad shouldered, busty, and overall have always had a more heaftier appearance when it came to my gym attire . Though I can call myself active, dressing “cute” for the gym was never in my routine. I didn’t think I could be cute, wear the crops like some women did or be in the shorts that body builders were in. Not that I needed to feel thin enough, but I didn’t feel confident on how the “cropped style” fit. A true story is that one of these concious crops were on sale and I purchased it, intended it to be just an under tank got dresses. Putting it on , insecurities and all—but I felt beautiful and strong. I felt held in and overall confident to wear the top just as is. I share this with the intention to test those boundaries! To flatter YOURSELF in what works for you. A concious crop worked for me—it may work for you. DiscussionImage DiscussionImage DiscussionImage


Beautiful!! I'm busty as well, are they good for high impact workouts or what kind of exercises do you do wearing it? @sotoalyssalol 

@kylasarmiento I wear mine for medium impact workouts! So I can walk/jog on a treadmill comfortably and lift weights due to the halter neck style. I do like to wear them as my everyday workout —but something like body combat or with lots of jumping may have some room , but that extra fabric on the bottoms still holds me well . These kind of tops, like I mentioned have a A-C cup option size as well as a D-DD+ . ( for example the product name I purchased was an Conscious Crops D-DD+ in an XL ) . What exercises to do you do? Just curious! Hope this helped !