Gently used clothing


I heard from a friend that Athleta will accept gently used clothing and I was wondering how I could help with this. I generally donate to other charitable sites but feel that a lot of time the clothes I donate are picked over by the workers before being offered to the people in need.

I just want what I donate to go to those that are in need.


Can someone share information about this program if in deed there is such a thing?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @Drobinson, I'm really glad you brought this up because I didn't know about it either! I did some digging and I think you are referring to the Athleta x threadUP collaboration. Here is more information on how it works:

I recently did my first ThredUP Athleta box and it was great! You just pack up any box with your gently used Athleta clothes (I think it’s a 30 lb. max) and they’ll send you a free label. It takes a few weeks to process and then you receive an Athleta gift card about a week later. Plus, I find all kinds of awesome, gently used Athleta items from years past on ThredUP, too.

It isn’t limited to just Athleta clothing. You can put other brands in your bag as well. I did find out that it is only woman’s clothing.

Also at ThredUp if your clothes don’t meet their quality checks, they will donate those clothes to a good cause.

And you get an e-gift card from Athleta for items ThredUP takes from your bag. You’ll get an email confirmation from ThredUP. You must open an account with ThredUP tho. The process is pretty quick once ThredUP receives your bag.