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Brooklyn Ankle Pants


If you’re looking for a travel easy packable pants that you can dress up or down - also great for commuters - you may want to try this one out. They are super comfortable, breathable, great for (better) weather temperatures 🙂 I took it to a trip to Brazil then Seattle and it worked out great for me 👍



Community Manager
Community Manager

They look so good on you @Manuu!! I love that they have the ability to dress them up or down. And that trip sounds AMAZING, how was it??

It was good to see the fam after this whole pandemic craziness! I wonder if you guys have this type of pants but for "winter mode". I love the style and it would be nice to have one that can take the cold temperatures here in MA 🙂 


I love the Brooklyn ankle pants too. They're so versatile. I own 2 pairs & honestly would love a pair in every color & pattern!

I’m so glad to see these comments I’ve been thinking of grabbing a pair or two.

I second this! I’m wearing mine right now! 😂 they are SO lightweight, comfortable, flattering and really don’t wrinkle much! Funny enough, the Style space recommended them to me!

I have these pants and love them!!


These are hands-down one of my Athleta favs!  As you shared, perfect for travel, can dress up and down - I even wear them to golf.  Look forward to adding more colors to my collection.  


PS - love the color of your tennis shoes as well!


I have to agree with all comments here.  Had mine for a 5 week vaca to Greece & Malta.  Dressy or casual, comfy for travel days or touring, and wash and dry easily.  No wrinkles, even after pulling them out of a suitcase.  Have black and brown . . . A few mix and match tops and a whole bunch of outfits with a denim or Athleta jacket.  Thanks Athleta!


I love the Brooklyn Ankle pant. I have several different colors. I wear them to work, they are very comfortable. My go to  pants when I travel.  Took them with me to a recent Florida trip. A good pant to go from cool to warm weather.  They also do not wrinkle when packed away. They did come out with lined Brooklyn ankle pants. I have 2 colors and wear them in the colder months. The lining is light, it’s not something you’d wear to go hiking in the winter. 


You look great! How do you find the fit?